Planning a camping trip and still need an independent power source? Don't want to be sitting in the dark without electricity at your next garden party? Without electricity, no larger machines can run on your construction site? Then Einhell generators are just what you need – wherever you wouldn't usually get electricity, the Einhell generators can provide the necessary power. From small compact units with low weight to large, high-performance units with long running times, the Einhell range covers a wide range of generators. The Einhell generators can all be refuelled with commercially available petrol.

The different power generators from Einhell

Power generators with inverter technology

The Einhell generators with the designation IG (inverter generator) are all equipped with inverter technology. This technology allows the current frequency not to be coupled to the rotational speed of the petrol engine. As a result, the current (amperes) can be adapted to the respective power consumption. This means that fuel consumption, volume and emissions are reduced with less power. In addition, due to the constant frequency, the inverter technology allows even smaller consumers with sensitive electronics, such as mobile phones or laptops, to be connected to the generator. Equipped with a 4-stroke motor, at least one 230 V socket and 5 V USB ports, they can be easily transported to the desired location with the help of wheels or carrying handles.

Conventional power generators

Conventional power generators all generate the alternating current, i.e. current whose polarity changes in regular repetitions. In this type of power generator, the frequency is directly coupled to the engine speed and is 50 Hz by default. Due to the fact that the current generation is coupled to the engine speed, voltage peaks can occur. Most Einhell generators are equipped with an AVR function (automatic volt regulation). This permanently monitors the voltage of the device with the help of special sensors. This reduces voltage fluctuations. Conventional generators are mainly designed for large consumers, such as construction site equipment.

Whether conventional power generators or power generators with inverter technology – discover all the functions of Einhell power generator and find out which device is best suited to your projects. Einhell power generator guide

What to look out for when purchasing a power generator

Don't know which generator is right for you? We'll show you what you need to look out for when buying a generator unit and how large its field of application is.

Areas of application

First, you should consider what you need a generator for. Conventional power generators are perfect for construction site equipment or other large consumers that have a lot of power. Generators with inverter technology are suitable for smaller devices such as mobile phones, laptops or light chains for your garden party. In any case, you should note that Einhell generators are not designed to power a motorhome or your entire house. In addition, you should always compare the technical data of your devices with that of the generator to make sure that the required power does not exceed the power of the generator.

Duration and performance

The powerful 2 or 4-stroke drive motors of the Einhell generators can all be operated with commercially available petrol from a petrol station. They have a tank volume between 4 and 25 litres. The running time for 2/3 of its load is up to 12.5 hours. With a model-dependent maximum output power at 230 V from 680 watts to 3400 watts, the generators provide enough power for every application. Some generators are also equipped with a 400 V power outlet and thus achieve a maximum output of up to 6500 watts. The generators can be started either with a convenient E-Start function or a classic cable pull starter.


The great advantage of external power generators is that they can be used on the move. This is why all Einhell generators are equipped with either rollers and a trolley function or carrying handles. The trolley function supports the transport of larger and heavy equipment, which can weigh up to 80.4 kg. Smaller devices with a weight of 18.8 kg can be easily transported with the help of the carrying handles. The generators can be safely and stably placed on almost any surface thanks to rubberised and vibration-damped feet.