A petrol lawn mower makes a powerful and tough helper for your home garden, grass verges at the edges of your property, and private meadow and woodland paths. With its continuous forward propulsion, the petrol-powered mower also tackles dense vegetation with stubborn growth. Overgrown areas can easily be tamed with this agile and powerful petrol-driven machine. Petrol lawn mowers are ideal for mowing large lawn areas thanks to their wireless freedom, large cutting widths, powerful, high-performance engines and robust housings.

Petrol lawn mowers for demanding gardening

Petrol lawn mowers with plenty of power

Lots of power and even more endurance – Einhell petrol lawn mowers are specialists for large, uneven and isolated lawns. Unlike mains-powered or cordless lawn mowers, petrol lawn mowers are completely independent of batteries, chargers, power outlets and extension cords – just fill up the fuel tank and get started. Their powerful motors mean the blades rotate at high speeds, enabling these lawn mowers to handle taller grass with ease. Depending on the model, you can choose between motor power (kW) and cutting width, so you will find just the right lawn mower to exactly fit your requirements.

Heavy lawn mowers with wheel propulsion

Powerful petrol lawn mowers are usually among the heavier machines, compared to mains-powered or cordless lawn mowers. Pushing them with muscle power alone can be exhausting, especially for larger lawns and time-consuming jobs. Wheeled propulsion via the rear axle is therefore recommended, especially for the larger models. Even if your lawn is uneven or sloping, the wheel propulsion is a great help when moving the relatively heavy lawn mower around the garden and ensuring the grass is mown evenly.

Petrol mowers with electric start

Everyone's been there: You pull on the starter cord over and over again, until the lawn mower finally starts. The convenient electric start function finally does away with the hard work of starting the mower – manual pull-cord starters can be forgotten. Our petrol mower models that feature electric start are indicated by an "E" in the model designation, such as the GC-PM 46 SM HW-E Li. So that you can still enjoy the cordless freedom of a petrol-powered lawn mower, our electric start feature combines our battery technology with a petrol engine: All you need is a battery from the Power X-Change family – insert it into the device, press the starter button and the petrol engine will start. Mowing has never been so easy!

In addition to wheel propulsion and electric start, our petrol lawn mowers offer many other practical features to make gardening easier. Find out what functions our models can offer you. Einhell petrol lawn mower guide

Features and functions of our petrol lawn mowers

Mower with rugged housing

When buying a lawn mower, few people think about the shape of the cutting deck – a big mistake! The vortex mowing deck from Einhell has been especially designed to optimise airflow. The special shape of the cutting deck means the rotation of the blade creates a strong suction effect that raises the grass before cutting. Only then is it cut, shredded and ejected with great force in the optimised stream of air – either into the grass collector or, depending on the model of the mower, directly back on the lawn as mulch.

Mulching function for natural fertilisation

Many Einhell lawn mowers can be converted into mulch mowers using a mulching plug. The grass, which has been shredded several times, remains on the turf, and quickly turns to compost. This fertilises the lawn and reduces evaporation, which in turn prevents the lawn from drying out and provides the ideal conditions for small organisms that help improve the quality of the soil. In addition, mulching helps the grass to form side shoots. This makes your lawn denser and a richer green.

Ergonomic setting

Especially those who have larger areas to mow and therefore need to work for longer periods at a time should pay attention to ergonomics when buying a petrol lawn mower. All Einhell petrol lawn mowers feature a height-adjustable handlebar that can be perfectly adapted to your height, so no strain is placed on your back, even during longer mowing jobs. If you opt for a so-called high-wheeler design, i.e. a lawn mower with larger wheels on the rear axle, you will find it easier to mow difficult and rough terrain. Furthermore, the large wheels also protect your lawn.

Well-groomed lawns and lush greenery? Find out now how you can easily and quickly achieve impressive mowing results in your garden with your petrol lawn mower. Professional tips from real garden experts

Here's how to find which Einhell petrol lawn mower is right for you

Cutting width, cutting height, propulsion, ergonomics and grass collection – there are several factors that determine which mower is right for your lawn. To help you find the right machine, we explain the most important specifications and features in more detail below.

Lawn mower cutting width

Einhell petrol lawn mowers are available with cutting widths from 40 to 56 cm. This makes them perfect for large lawns up to a maximum area of 2,200 m². A larger cutting width means you can mow wider strips – so you can finish gardening faster. Whatever the cutting width, their double blades on Einhell lawn mowers always guarantee a clean, even cut over the entire working area.

Petrol engine power

With power outputs of between 1.2 and 2.8 kW and displacements of between 99 and 173 cm³, our range has the perfect petrol lawn mower for every garden, no matter how difficult. For particularly demanding, large gardens and time-consuming work, you should choose a model with higher performance. To give you a better orientation, we provide an indication of the maximum recommended lawn area for each of our lawn mower models.

Grass collector size

Are you facing a challenge? Mowing particularly large areas or very tall grass can be tiring. So you don't have to stop every few meters to empty the grass collector, you should make sure to choose a lawn mower with a suitably large grass collector. Our petrol lawn mower line-up includes models with collectors ranging from 45 to 80 litres. An integrated level indicator shows you when it needs to be emptied.

Setting the proper cutting height

Make sure to always adjust the cutting height of your mower according to how often you mow your lawn. Our petrol lawn mowers feature between 3 and 9 cutting height levels, depending on the model. The cutting height can be set between 25 and 80 mm via an axial or central adjustment mechanism, depending on the model. Generally, to avoid clogging the lawn mower, grass that is too tall should not be cut in one go. If you want to mow tall grass, you can gradually reduce the cutting height with each mowing step.

In our FAQ we answer the most frequently asked questions about our mowers for the green. Any more questions about our petrol lawnmowers?

FAQ - frequently asked questions

Here you will find an overview of the most important questions and answers about our petrol lawnmowers.

How does the wheel drive work in a petrol lawnmower?

The wheel drive is activated through the clutch lever. A Bowden cable and a lever mechanism tension the drive belt (V-belt), which connects the blade mount and the transmission. Due to the tension, the belt drives the transmission through the blade mount. When you release the clutch lever, the belt relaxes, and you have to push it manually again.

Which motor oil is suitable for my lawnmower?

You can use the following oils: 10W30, 15W40, or 5W30 (Caution: quite expensive). Alternatively, you can also use regular 10W40 multi-grade engine oil. These oils cover the entire temperature range in which gasoline lawnmowers are used. You can find more information about this in our blog post on the topic of motor oil.

What type of fuel do I need for my petrol lawnmower?

For powering your petrol lawnmower, you can use regular gasoline (unleaded) or premium gasoline (unleaded). All our petrol-powered devices are generally compatible with E10 fuel. Only an adjustment of the carburetor might be necessary.

Can the mower be pulled backward as well?

After deactivating the wheel drive, the lawnmower can be pulled backwards.