Einhell grass and shrub trimmers: Fix up your garden like a pro

Fix up your home garden! With grass and shrub trimmers from Einhell, you can give your plants the perfect finishing touch. These garden tools are the ideal aid for trimming, shaping and thinning your lawn or shrubs. This allows you to easily shape any greenery in your garden the way you like it.

The range of different grass and shrub trimmers from Einhell

You can shape any plant with the various garden tools from Einhell. When working with cordless grass trimmers and cordless shrub trimmers, you have the advantage of laser-cut and diamond-ground blades that give you an accurate result. The cutting tools, which are specially designed for grass or shrubs, enable effective cutting. Of course, safety is also a top priority: A safety switch is integrated into all our grass trimmers and shrub trimmers, which ensures that the devices are not accidentally activated. Many devices also impress with interchangeable blades. A grass cutting blade and a shrub trimmer blade with cutting widths of up to 10 cm are also included in delivery – this ensures an optimal price-performance ratio. Whether you want to make your box hedges with decorative cuts the highlight of the garden or to cut your lawn with precision, with the various grass and shrub trimmers from Einhell, you can do this very easily! 

Consistent green for your lawn: Cordless grass trimmer

Thanks to the device's sharp grass cutting blade, you can fix up your grass efficiently. The particularly powerful models with Power X-Change batteries are among the best cordless grass trimmers on the market. They provide long-lasting power supply and ensure flexible cutting. The battery-powered grass trimmer's softgrip allows you to work ergonomically and to comfortably hold the garden tool. Additional guide rollers ensure that you can move the grass trimmer in a power-saving manner.

All-rounder: Cordless grass and shrub trimmers

Some Einhell devices combine grass and shrub trimmers in one: With various blade attachments, which you can easily replace without special tools, the 2-in-1 devices can be used for numerous garden maintenance tasks. The laser-cut and diamond-cut blades with large cutting widths make it easy for you to precisely cut your plants, lawns, shrubs and bushes. Cordless grass and shrub trimmers with a telescopic handle make your work easier by allowing you to work in an upright position while protecting your back and saving effort. Whether you want to make your grass dazzle, trim down hard-to-reach corners or design your shrubs – with the multifunctional devices from Einhell you are guaranteed success! 

Sharp edges: Lawn edge cutter

Want to draw clear boundaries? The Einhell cordless lawn edge cutter ensures clear edges on the borders of your lawn. Especially with bordering patios, paths or other surfaces, overgrown grass creates an unattractive picture. The lawn edge cutter cuts vertically into the grass surface and the cutting depth can be adjusted between 36.5 mm and 45 mm by depth adjustment. The cut edge then prevents overgrowth of the grass on other surfaces. Thanks to the adjustable additional handle, the device can be guided safely and accurately. The powerful lithium-ion batteries can also be used in other devices in the Power X-Change family, so you can use the batteries for more than just cutting your lawn edges.

Discover Einhell's grass and shrub trimmers to shape up your garden. Find out which device best suits you and your garden and be impressed with all the different functions they have offer. Grass and shrub trimmers guide

What to look out for when buying a cordless grass trimmer

The perfect device for everyone: With a large selection of cordless grass trimmers and cordless shrub trimmers, you should consider what features you need in your garden before making a purchase. Depending on the project, a shrub trimmer, a garden trimmer or a lawn edge cutter might be the right device for you. Perhaps you also need a multifunctional device that combines several or all of these options? No matter which device you choose, you should make sure you have a few key features.

Powerful batteries

When making a purchase, you should pay attention to a high battery capacity and low battery charging time. The batteries should also have a long service life. The Power X-Change technology from Einhell guarantees you high-quality batteries for your cordless grass trimmer or cordless shrub trimmer, which are always ready for use thanks to an effective charger. 

Easy blade change

Especially with multifunctional devices with a separate grass cutting blade and shrub cutting blade, changing blades should be as easy as possible. Ideally, you can switch from one attachment to the other without tools. Replacing old blades should also be easy. 

Ergonomic working

Working in the garden should be fun and not be uncomfortable. The handle of the grass trimmers and shrub trimmers should be shaped so that you can work comfortably over longer periods. Thanks to softgrip surfaces, Einhell's grass and shrub trimmers are comfortable to hold. An additional telescopic handle can make cutting extremely easy by allowing you to work in an upright position while protecting your back.