Want to water your garden in a resource-efficient and environmentally friendly way? Also value saving water or looking for a pump that can pump as much water as possible as quickly as possible? Then take a look at our range of surface pumps. Whether a garden pump, automatic house and garden pump or petrol-powered water pump – you should find the right pump for every challenge in our extensive range. Modern garden pumps, cordless garden pumps or automatic house and garden pumps are best suited to supply your garden with water at a reasonable price. Simply use rainwater from barrels, reservoirs or cisterns to get some joy from rainy days. With flow rates of up to 5,000 litres per hour, the garden pumps reliably supply even larger gardens with water. You have the choice between a conventional garden pump, which you switch on and off via a switch, or automatic domestic waterworks, i.e. an automatic house and garden pump, which switches on automatically when used. Need a lot of water for a short amount of time? With a petrol-powered water pump, you can supply up to 23,000 litres per hour.

The different house and garden pumps from Einhell

Cordless garden pumps

Looking for a pump for garden watering that you can use flexibly wherever you are? Then we have the right device for you! Our AQUINNA cordless garden pump can be used anytime and in any place around your garden – completely independently of the mains supply. Equipped with the Power X-Change batteries, which can also be used with all other devices in the Power X-Change family, the pump delivers a reliable flow rate of up to 3,000 litres per hour at a maximum of 2.6 bar over a delivery height of up to 26 metres. Depending on how much power you need, you can choose between ECO and BOOST modes at any time. This makes the AQUINNA the right pump if you want maximum flexibility and high performance.

Garden pumps

If you want to use the water from a well or cistern for garden watering, it is worth investing in a powerful garden pump. We offer a wide range of electric garden pumps with different high outputs and varying flow rates. All garden pumps are equipped with a central, easily accessible and wet-protected on/off switch. Your decision depends on how big your garden is, how many litres of water you need for watering and what delivery height you need to pump water over. Depending on the model, our garden pumps can pump up to 5,000 litres per hour over a delivery height of up to 50 metres. Thanks to high-quality metal suction and pressure connection threads, the robust pumps also impress with their longevity.

Automatic house and garden pumps

With our automatic house and garden pumps, also called automatic domestic waterworks, you can take care of two areas at once as they can be used both in the garden for watering and in your home to supply domestic water. Operation of the automatic domestic waterworks differs from that of conventional garden pumps, because they are switched on and off automatically by a pressure switch rather than by a manual switch. There is steady pressure inside the pump and only when you actuate the spray gun at the end of the garden hose, for example, does the pressure in the device drop and the pump starts up automatically. When you release the spray gun lever the pressure in the automatic domestic waterworks will build up again and the pressure switch will stop the pump.

Petrol-powered water pumps

Want to transport or pump out as much water as possible in a short period of time? Our petrol-powered water pumps deliver up to 23,000 litres per hour – regardless of the power connection. The heavy pumps, which operate with up to 4.6 kW power and pump the water over a maximum pumping height of 28 metres, are activated by a cable starter. The robust petrol-powered water pumps are secure and protected, while rubber feet reduce vibrations. Starting accessories, such as a spark plug spanner, are included in delivery. A suction basket also protects the pump from contamination as the petrol-powered water pumps are particularly suitable for clear water. If you want to pump waste water out of a basement, it is best to use a waste water submersible pump.

Whether a cordless garden pump, electric garden pump, petrol-powered water pump or automatic domestic waterworks – with us you'll find the right water pump for your garden. Einhell house and garden pumps guide

What to look out for when purchasing a house and garden pump

Still not sure which water pump is right for you? No wonder with the large selection! We will explain what to look out for with the different types of surface pumps and what points you should pay attention to in addition to a good price-performance ratio when deciding on a purchase.

What is the pump used for?

Of course, which water pump is best for you always depends on where you want to use it. First of all, you should always know how much water you want to pump. If you want to water a very large garden with the pump, you will need a lot of water, thus a higher flow rate. Depending on the model, our garden pumps can pump up to 5,000 litres per hour – this should also be sufficient for very large gardens. You should also pay attention to the conveying and suction height! All our surface pumps have a maximum suction height of 8 metres, so the reservoir you want to pump water from should not be deeper than this.

Ultimate control

To keep track of your water pump at all times, some models are fitted with a status indicator. An LCD or LED display provides continuous information about the status of the pump and displays any error messages. Thanks to the dirt indicator, you can immediately detect dirt on the filter, while the suction indicator provides information about the current suction height, the suction pressure and any suction issues. Certain models have a flow sensor, which constantly monitors the water flow in the pump and protects against damage. A pre-filter with a non-return valve is also integrated in some pumps. The pre-filter protects against contamination and the valve prevents the water from flowing back into the original vessel when the pump is switched off.

Easy to use

Some features make it much easier for you to use the water pump. A water drain screw, for example, helps you to empty the water from the pump if you want to make it winter-proof and frost-proof. When the pump is started up, it must be filled with water – this is really simple thanks to a large filling opening. The water level indicator, a transparent sight glass on the pump head, shows the water level so you don't forget to fill the pump. A carrying handle is a practical addition if you want to easily transport the device for flexible use. Our petrol-powered water pumps are equipped with rubber feet to dampen vibrations. Other surface pumps have a base with a bore hole so that you can fix the pump firmly in place.

Important safety features

To ensure that you can enjoy your surface pump for as long as possible, you should pay attention to certain safety features that protect your device. Thermal overload protection, for example, prevents damage to the motor. The dry-run protection protects the pump from damage that may occur if the device can no longer suck in water and runs dry. In automatic house and garden pumps, domestic waterworks and garden pumps, scald protection prevents heating of the water that would remain in the pump body if the pressure side were blocked. For petrol-powered water pumps, a low-oil cut-out is beneficial because this ensures the automatic shutdown of the device if the oil level is too low. The motor could be damaged if it runs with too little oil.