Just as the lawn is the main element of most gardens, the lawn mower is the main tool for its maintenance. Your lawn should be lush green, even, resilient and well-kept all around. An Einhell lawn mower – whether cordless, mains-powered, petrol-powered, manually operated, or automated as a robot lawn mower – makes this task a pleasure: Our powerful and durable lawn mowers will tackle even the densest of growth in your garden, on grass verges at the edge of your property, or on your private meadow and woodland paths. Ingenious, detailed solutions guarantee that soil and plants are treated as gently as possible. The speed, cutting height and even the push-bar adapt to you, not the other way around. Because buying an Einhell robot mower, manual, mains-powered, cordless or petrol lawn mower means experiencing freedom!

The different types of lawn mowers and their advantages

Cordless lawn mowers

No exhaust fumes, no annoying cable – just plug in the batteries and get started. Featuring our Power X-Change battery system, Einhell cordless lawn mowers work independently of fixed electricity supplies and fossil fuels. Depending on the cutting width of between 30 and 52 cm and the battery used, they are suitable for small and large lawns of up to 1,200 m². For large areas, Einhell Twin-Pack technology is used, combining two 18 V lithium-ion batteries to deliver 36 V of power. For even more endurance, we have double-twin pack technology, which features 4 battery slots and double the runtime. In addition, our cordless lawn mowers are environmentally friendly and work without producing exhaust gases. They are very quiet and, compared to petrol mowers, very light in weight and also require significantly less maintenance. This makes them easy to manoeuvre and store in a compact way.

Petrol lawn mowers

Maximum power for very large lawns of up to 2,200 m²: With their powerful four-stroke engines, Einhell petrol-powered lawn mowers are rugged helpers for your garden, grass verges, meadow and woodland trails. Where dense vegetation requires a powerful cut, our petrol-driven models, featuring cutting widths of between 40 and 56 cm, are the best choice of lawn mower. With proper care and maintenance, these cable-free, high-performance machines are very durable. Compared to mains-powered and cordless mowers, petrol-powered lawn mowers are a bit louder and heavier. If your petrol lawn mower is equipped with wheel propulsion, it can still be operated with little effort – even over rough terrain.

Mains-powered lawn mowers

Just like their cordless counterparts, mains-powered lawn mowers from Einhell also stand out for their low noise level and low weight. Besides their quiet nature, the main reasons behind the popularity of corded lawn mowers are their endurance and the fact that they are ready for use at any time, provided that a power outlet or extension cable is available. No batteries to be charged, and no tank to be filled. Even with heavy use, a corded lawn mower delivers clean results thanks to its constant power supply. Lightweight, compact and easy to store, these mowers are suitable for lawns of up to 800 m², depending on the length of the cable and the cutting width, which is between 30 and 43 cm on our models.

Manual lawn mowers

If you want to mow smaller areas up to 250 m² quietly, effortlessly and in an environmentally friendly way, our manual lawn mowers are the perfect choice. With their thrust-driven reels, they cut the grass as short and cleanly as on a golf putting green. The cut grass is perfect for mulching, but can also be collected in the grass collector, depending on the model. Smooth-running, ball-bearing mounted mowing reels with precision-ground steel cutting blades, multi-stage height adjustment and large wheels that are gentle on the grass ensure that mowing the lawn becomes a pleasure. By the way, it's even easier with our cordless manual lawn mower, which uses a battery to drive the mowing reel.

Robot lawn mower

A well-groomed lawn, without the constant effort? A robot lawn mower takes the hassle out of mowing your lawn! Our FREELEXO robot lawn mowers are small and compact and, depending on how much boundary wire you lay during installation, whether you choose the FREELEXO CAM without wire, and which battery you use, not only small but even larger lawn areas of up to 1,200 m² can be mowed automatically. The individual models differ in their features; some of them can be controlled via an app, network smartly with other devices, or even work without any boundary wires. Mowing times can be programmed individually, and the robot lawn mower takes care of charging autonomously. By the way, robot mowers are always mulch mowers, because they leave the grass clippings on the lawn.

Our robot mowers, petrol-powered, mains-powered and cordless lawn mowers offer many practical features that make gardening even easier. Einhell lawn mower guide

Features and functions of our lawn mowers

Convenient wheel drive

On flat surfaces, wheel drive via the rear axle is usually not necessary; in most cases, the force you provide by pushing is enough. Wheel propulsion makes the work more comfortable, especially with heavier equipment such as petrol lawn mowers. Things are different in hilly, rough terrain and in gardens on slopes and with steep inclines. Here, a powerful rear-wheel propulsion, as featured on many of the petrol and cordless models in the Einhell range, is an absolute must if you don't want to mow the lawn to cause sore muscles. If your lawn mower has Vario-speed wheel drive, you can even adjust its speed to suit your individual needs.

Mulching function for fertilising

Do you want to use the grass clippings as fertiliser, i.e. for mulching? Our lineup includes lawn mowers with a mulching function or with a mulching kit. When the grass collector is disconnected, the finely shredded grass will be spread on your lawn. If you decide not to use the mulching option, you can collect the cut grass in the grass collector and then simply put it on the compost heap or dispose of it in the organic waste. By the way, our robot mowers are always mulch mowers, as they cannot collect the grass clippings. However, most mains-powered, cordless and petrol lawn mower models include a grass collector as standard, along with a mulching plug for certain versions.

Adjustable cutting height

The length of the blades of grass to be cut depends on how often you mow your lawn. The longer they are, the more power the mower needs to cut the grass and transport the clippings into the grass collector. The cutting height also plays an important role here. The deeper the mowing, the longer the individual blades of grass that the mower must cut and collect. So that you can always set exactly how much grass should be cut, or to what length the lawn should be trimmed, all our lawn mowers offer a cutting height adjustment system. Depending on the model, this is adjusted either centrally or at the axle, with a range of height positions. On our robot lawn mowers, this can be done easily via a rotary knob.

Ergonomic adjustment

Depending on the size of the area you are mowing, the work can be tiring - especially for your back. To prevent this from happening, our mains-powered, manual, cordless and petrol lawn mowers are equipped with a height-adjustable handlebar. If you also opt for a model with raised rear wheels, referred to as a "high wheeler", this will make it easier for you to steer the mower even over rough terrain. By the way, if you don't have much space in your garden shed, go for a lawn mower with a foldable handlebar and a carrying handle. This way, you will be sure to find a suitable place for your garden appliance.

English lawn and lush greenery? Find out now how you can easily and quickly achieve impressive mowing results in your garden with your robot mower or a petrol-powered, mains-powered or cordless lawn mower. Professional tips from real garden experts

Here's how to find the right Einhell device for you

Petrol lawn mowers, cordless lawn mowers, mains-powered lawn mowers, manual lawn mowers, robot mowers – which device and which type is right for your garden depends on a number of factors. So that you can find the right lawn mower, we'll describe these in more detail for you below.

How large is the area to be mown?

When it comes to the size of the lawn you want to mow, the cutting width is also an important consideration: ideally, the larger the area, the larger the cutting width. This means that you can cover even large areas of grass in a reasonable amount of time. For up to 250 m², manual, mains-powered or cordless lawn mowers with cutting widths of up to 33 cm are recommended. Models with cutting widths of up to 40 cm are suitable for areas of up to 500 m², while areas between 500 and 700 m² call for a mower with a cutting width of 42 cm. For areas larger than this, it is best to choose a model with a cutting width of more than 43 cm. If you have a lawn of up to 2,200 m² to maintain, you should take a closer look at our petrol lawn mowers with up to 56 cm. Our robot mowers are recommended for gardens of 250 to 1,200 m², depending on the battery.

Nature of the terrain

For very dense vegetation, a powerful petrol lawn mower is your machine of choice. With very high grass, however, it may be useful to do some preliminary work with a brush cutter. On hilly, uneven surfaces or on slopes, lighter mowers powered by batteries or mains power, or petrol lawn mowers with wheel propulsion, are easier to handle. If you want to mow an English lawn fit for a golf course, it is best to go for the manual lawn mower. If, on the other hand, you want your lawn to be presentable and perfectly trimmed at all times, you can make the task easier with a robot lawn mower that takes care of your lawn at regular intervals. However, take into account that our robot mowers can handle gradients of 25 to 35%, depending on the model.

Be aware of the time commitment

For some hobby gardeners, mowing the lawn is a time for relaxation and meditation. Others, however, find it a tedious but nevertheless necessary garden maintenance job. It's a good thing there are robot mowers! With our FREELEXO mowing robots, all you have to do is the installation work - then the small, hard-working robot mower takes over. If you prefer to use your own muscle power and want to invest the time, you can also opt for a manual lawn mower. These are pushed through the garden by hand and are thus emissions-free. Petrol, mains-powered and cordless lawn mowers work similarly in terms of their operation. With these, how long it takes to mow the lawn depends mainly on the size of the area to be mown and the characteristics of the lawn.

If noise level is also a factor

Especially in densely built-up areas, the volume of the lawn mower can play a decisive role. Cordless lawnmowers, electric lawnmowers and robot lawnmowers score more points here, as they do not require a loud combustion engine. Compared to petrol-powered lawn mowers, they do their work almost whisper quietly and without bothering the neighbours. Only the manual lawn mowers, which work without any motor at all, are quieter. The only noise comes from the spinning mowing reel, and that is unlikely to disturb the neighbours.

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In our FAQ we answer the most frequently asked questions about our mowers for the green. Any more questions about our lawn mowers?

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find an overview of the most important questions and answers about our lawn mowers.

Why does the grass stay on the ground when mowing?

There can be several reasons why grass remains on the ground when mowing. For example, it often happens when the grass is simply too tall or too wet. If these two reasons are ruled out, you can try reducing the mowing speed when cutting the lawn.

What does mulching actually mean?

Mulching involves the process of shredding the clippings within the enclosed mower housing and redistributing them back onto the lawn. By distributing the clippings, the soil is enriched with nutrients, and it also helps protect the soil from drying out too quickly. In general, it can be said that mulching is possible with most lawnmowers, but certain conditions should be met:

  1. Mulching is only possible with relatively short grass.
  2. It is recommended to use a mulching blade for optimal results.
  3. Detach the grass catcher/bag, insert the mulching adapter into the discharge opening, and close the discharge chute.

Not satisfied with the cutting performance of your lawnmower?

Is your lawnmower not delivering a clean cut anymore? Then you should check the lawnmower blades to see if they are worn out or verify if you have set the wrong cutting height. If the blades are worn out, you can sharpen them or replace them with new, intact replacement blades.