Pressure sprayer, garden sprayer, plant sprayer, spraying device or pump sprayer – there are many different names for pressure sprayers and yet they all describe the same thing: a practical device that applies or sprays liquid agents evenly. These pressure sprayers are particularly useful in the garden for watering, for plant protection or for chemical weed destruction. You can also work free of cables with our cordless pressure sprayers, and thanks to our reliable Power X-Change batteries you don't have to worry about mechanical pumps to build up pressure.

The different cordless pressure sprayers from Einhell

Cordless pressure sprayer with 4.5 bar pressure

The Einhell cordless pressure sprayer GE-WS 18/150 Li-Solo is our largest and most powerful sprayer with a spray pressure of up to 4.5 bar for effective and powerful spray application. The large tank can hold up to 15 litres of liquid. The tank can be carried like a backpack thanks to a comfortable carrying strap so that the large device can also be used in a way that saves your strength. If you want to spray large areas without interruptions by filling the tank, it would be best to use the larger cordless pressure sprayer!

Cordless pressure sprayer with 2.5 bar pressure

Looking for a handy pressure sprayer? Then you should take a look at our pressure sprayers with a spray pressure of up to 2.5 bar. These cordless pressure sprayers differ again in the size of the tank, which holds 3.5 litres or 7.5 litres. You should choose the right tank size for you depending on the size of your garden. The handy devices are equipped with a comfortable carrying strap that you can use to hang up the tank like a bag.

Our pressure sprayers offer features to help you apply spray quickly and evenly. Here you can find out what these features are, and what you should look out for when making a purchase. Einhell pressure sprayers guide

What to look out for when purchasing a pressure sprayer

Want to know more about how our pressure sprayers work? We explain all here, along with what to look our for when making a purchase.

Power and tank

The biggest difference between the different pressure sprayers can be found in the tank volume and pressure. Einhell offers you the choice between devices with 2.5 and 4.5 bar pressure and tank sizes from 3.5 to 15 litres. You can also take a look at the flow rate. The Einhell pressure sprayer GE-WS 18/150 Li-Solo achieves 106 litres per hour, for example. For large gardens, you should look for a tank that is as large as possible. For smaller areas, however, a smaller tank volume is sufficient.

Accurate and convenient application

All our pressure sprayers are equipped with an individually adjustable nozzle made of brass, which makes it possible to work with fine mist as well as a precise spray jet. You can adjust the nozzle depending on the spray and application. The robust stainless steel spray lance also has a lockable control button, which is particularly practical for long periods of use. The work is made even more pleasant by the comfortable carrying strap, which can be used to either carry the tank of the pressure sprayer on your back or hung over your shoulder, depending on the model.

Easy to use

With the help of the scale integrated in the transparent tank, you can always keep an eye on the fill level of your container. Depending on the model, you can fill the plastic tank thanks to the large filling opening or the tank closure hook, which makes it easy to open and close the tank. For exact filling of the container, a dosing cap is also included in delivery for certain models. Plant protection has never been so easy – and tedious working with spray bottles is a thing of the past!