A beautifully maintained, green lawn without having to mow it yourself – exactly what our FREELEXO robotic lawn mowers promise. Whether small gardens or large lawns: With numerous adjustment options and various accessories kits, the lawn mowers create well-kept lawns anywhere. The real highlight for all members of the Power X-Change battery family: The FREELEXO robotic lawn mowers are part of the battery system! Simply insert the same batteries as you use in your cordless screwdrivers, lawn trimmers, etc. and the robot will get to work independently in your garden.

Einhell robotic lawn mower models


As part of the Power X‐Change battery system, all FREELEXO models are compatible with all batteries in the system. Our entry-level model is equipped with all the basic features you need for a perfect lawn. These include programmable working hours, a mowing program for secondary areas (second area mowing) and a rain sensor. Safety sensors, such as shock, tilt and lift sensors, are also installed in our FREELEXOs. Do you have a garden with a slope of up to 35%? No problem for our quiet lawn mower robot! Thanks to the PIN code, which you can enter via the intuitive keypad, the lawn mower is also optimally protected against theft. With each of our lawn robot models, you can adjust the cutting height between 20 and 60 mm.


Our FREELEXO BT model is equipped with Bluetooth (BT) in addition to the basic functions. This function allows the robot to connect to the Einhell Connect app on your smartphone or tablet. This gives you additional and individual setting options. This includes programming personalised schedules or activating the multi-area function for angled lawns. Various settings can also be made via the keypad or the PIN code for theft protection can be entered. By the way, the number after the product name FREELEXO indicates how many square metres the supplied accessories are designed for. It covers areas from 300 to 1,200 m².


The difference between the FREELEXO BT and the FREELEXO LCD BT model is the large LCD display the robotic lawn mower also has. All functions can also be individually adjusted directly on the robotic lawn mower via this display if you do not have your mobile phone at hand. In addition, it can also be operated via the Einhell Connect app. All other functions can be found in both devices. The FREELEXO LCD BT+ is our full-feature model. It combines all the advantages in one device, from app control to the LCD display to the spot mowing function. The safety sensors, multi-area function and second area moving are of course not to be missed. In addition to the daily customisable working hours of the mower, the device is also secured against theft via the PIN code.


Unlike our other lawn mower robots, the FREELEXO cam model does not work with a boundary wire, but with a built-in camera and ultrasonic sensors to orientate itself in your garden. This means that you no longer have to put wire around your lawn. Only a short guide cable for the charging station needs to be laid around it. In addition, the CAM is equipped with a keypad, which can be used to program its mowing times, among other things. A rain sensor, anti-theft protection and shock, tilt and lift sensors are also included. A special extra is the supplied magnetic tape, which can be used to temporarily delimit certain areas for the FREELEXO cam not to mow. Its brushless motor ensures more power and a longer running time.


Internet connection on a robotic lawn mower? Why not?! Thanks to its connection to the mobile network and the Einhell Connect app, you can control our FREELEXO SMART from anywhere in the world. For example, the lawn robot uses the app to retrieve current weather data or download the latest firmware update. It can also be networked with other Einhell SMART devices. This not only gives you a smart home, but also a smart garden. The smart robotic lawn mower is also fully equipped with shock, tilt and lift sensors, an LCD display and the various mowing programmes. Thanks to PurePOWER Brushless, its brushless motor comes with a 10-year warranty after registration.

Our robotic lawn mowers are equipped with many features that make your gardening even easier. Find out what advantages our models offer you now. The Einhell guide

Advantages at a glance

Robotic lawn mower with Power X-Change battery

1 battery, 1,000 possibilities: The Power X-Change battery system from Einhell opens up a whole world of wireless freedom to you with just a single battery type. The FREELEXO series mowing robots are also part of the battery family: After mowing, simply click the powerful lithium-ion battery into the cordless screwdriver or the cordless hedge trimmer and off you go. This also works with high-power 36 V devices, such as cordless chain saws. By the way, the lawn mower robots with boundary wire are orientated based on the current flow in this wire in the garden. The ECO Mode automatically switches off the loop signal as soon as the lawn mower is in the charging station. This saves electricity and protects the environment.

Easy control via the smartphone app

The Einhell FREELEXO robots offer individual setting options, which you can easily and conveniently set from your smartphone on some models thanks to the Bluetooth function or via app control. This allows you to start the lawn robot at any time, give it fixed mowing times, view statistics, download software updates and define many other practical settings according to your exact requirements. That's how you get a perfect, well-tended lawn almost completely automatically.

Multi-area, second area & spot mowing

Is your garden particularly complex? The "multi-area" function is also available to incorporate the curved areas of your lawn into the mowing zone. Thanks to this, the lawn robot not only starts from the charging station, but can also start mowing regularly at the points of the boundary wire individually defined by you. Do you have a second lawn in your garden that is separated from the rest by a path or driveway, for example? No problem! The mowing programme for secondary areas (second area) also enables optimal care there – without a second charging station! Simply carry the mower to the second area and start. Spot mowing helps to mow certain areas in the garden that are difficult to reach because of garden furniture, trampolines or other objects. With this function, these areas can be mowed in a targeted manner.


Our Einhell lawn robots are already equipped with extensive accessories on delivery. The FREELEXOs without camera are always supplied with boundary wire, mounting hooks, replacement blades and connecting clamps. The FREELEXO CAM is always supplied with a guide cable for the charging station, several mounting hooks and connecting clamps, some replacement blades and a magnetic tape. In addition to the standard equipment, you can find even more accessories in our online shop for the robotic lawn mowers, such as the robotic mower garage or a cleaning and repair set. If the accessories included in the delivery are not enough, you can also reorder all spare parts. Depending on the set, a Power X-Change battery is always included. 

Tips for robotic lawn mowers

Protecting the lawn: return to the dock

We all know how it goes... as soon as you have time to mow, it's forecast to rain! Einhell's robotic lawn mowers mow even when you don't have the time. Thanks to their rain sensor, they detect changes in the weather and drive back to the charging station independently when it rains. This means that the lawn robot ensures a clean cut and protects the lawn at the same time, because mowing in wet conditions can result in bruised and torn grass blades. Once the rain has stopped, the robot lawn mower resumes work on its own and gets the garden in shape. The FREELEXO SMART goes even further and regularly retrieves the current weather data via the mobile network in order to drive to the charging station even before it starts raining. 

Get the perfect lawn by mulching

Since lawn robots cut the lawn at regular, short intervals, the grass clippings are much shorter compared to conventional lawn mowers. For this reason, the mown grass does not have to be collected and disposed of, but can be left as natural mulch. The nutrients from the cut grass naturally fertilise the soil in a natural, environmentally friendly way. The mulch also protects the blades of grass and the lawn itself from drying out and from frost. This gives you natural all-round protection for your lawn for every season.

Your flower beds are safe

Lawn robots with boundary wires mow completely autonomously and only what needs to be mowed. When mowing, the boundary wire provides a clear and precise boundary between the lawn to be mowed and other areas. On the way back to the charging station, this helps the robot lawn mower find its way back to the dock. This means that beds, wildflower meadows and even the neighbours' garden are safe from the robotic lawn mower. Incidentally, in the event of a power failure, the robot stops automatically to prevent it from accidentally leaving the lawn.  The magnetic tape of the FREELEXO CAM also acts as a boundary to certain areas. This allows you to temporarily or fence off delimit areas or objects in your garden that the robotic lawn mower should not mow.

Keep your lawn mower robot up to date at all times Here you can find the appropriate firmware update for your lawn mower robot

Services for your robot lawn mower

Garten Check

You would like to buy a mowing robot, but don't know yet which one fits best to your garden? With the help of our garden check you will find the right mower model!
If you have already purchased a mowing robot, we will be happy to advise you on how to optimize your garden to achieve the best possible efficiency when using your mowing robot.

Installation Service

Already purchased a robot lawn mower, but need help installing it in your garden? No problem – take advantage of our installation service and reap the benefits! Make an appointment and within 14 days a technician will visit you to professionally carry out the installation of the boundary wire. If desired, the wire can be laid underground with a professional laying machine.

Winter Service

Not sure how to store your robot lawn mower over winter, or don't have space to keep it during the cold winter months? With our Winter Service you can have your mowing robot taken care of during the cold months. Simply send us your robot lawn mower via our service, free of charge, and have it cleaned inside and out. You can select between different Winter Service options.

3-year Einhell product warranty

Our free additional service especially for you – register your new Einhell product within the first 30 days of purchase and benefit from the extended warranty. After registration, the robot lawn mower’s warranty is extended by an additional year, to a total of 3 years. 3–2–1 and get going – pick up the serial number on your Einhell product and go to the registration form!

Sparepart Service

Longterm, reliable, perfect fit: Our subsidiary iSC GmbH supplies you and your Einhell products with all possible spare parts. Even after the expiry of the statutory guarantee period, you can maintain your Einhell products in the event of damages or wear and tear, professionally and with original components.

Repair Service

As a 100% Einhell subsidiary iSC GmbH stands not just for high-quality original spare parts but also, as Einhell's representative for the exceptional Einhell service. In our in-house workshop, specialized repairers take care of every single repair case and ensure that your mowing robot is quickly ready for full operation again.

How to setup your robot lawn mower

Step by step

1/4 | First Steps
2/4 | Installing the wire
3/4 | Connecting the charging station
4/4 | First mowing

Pro tips from real gardening experts

A beautifully manicured lawn, but no desire to mow? With these tips about our lawn mowers, you can continue to relax without worries.

We answer the most common questions Do you have questions about the installation of the robot lawn mower or the services?

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find an overview of the key questions and answers about our lawn mower robots.

Installation – What preparations need to be made before installation?

  • Start by creating a sketch. Mark all obstacles and devise a plan for how you want to protect them.

  • Trim your lawn to a maximum length of 60 mm.

  • Remove any loose objects from the lawn that could damage the mower or be damaged by the mower.

  • Leaves and debris don't necessarily need to be cleared; they will be mulched by the mower.

Installation – Where can the charging station be placed?

  • An outdoor power outlet that provides a continuous power supply is required. The power cable at the charging station is 10 meters long. Make sure not to lay the power cable in the mowing area.

  • The charging station must be placed on a level surface.

  • It must be possible to lay the boundary wire at least 1 meter in front of and 1 meter behind the charging station in a straight line.

  • Position the charging station in a shaded area."

Installation – How can the boundary wire be installed and what should be considered?

The wire can be installed either on the surface or up to 5 cm deep in the ground. To allow for adjustments in the initial days, laying the wire on the surface is recommended. After a few weeks, the wire will become overgrown and barely visible. At that point, even scarifying is not an issue. When installing above ground, ensure the wire lays flat on uneven sections of the ground. In such cases, use more pegs to prevent the mower from damaging the wire.

Minimum Distance:
Maintain a minimum distance of 30 cm from obstacles, walls, raised pathways, gravel, bark mulch, sunken flower beds, or similar.

Avoid laying the wire in 90° corners. Divide the corners into two 45° angles each.

Permissible slope at the upper part of an incline: 35% with a minimum 30 cm distance.
Permissible slope at the lower part of an incline: 17% with a minimum 40 cm distance. CAUTION: Risk of slipping on wet grass.

Level Edges:
For pathways or terraces that don't have an elevated transition to the lawn, the boundary wire can be placed right at the edge.

Maximum Length:
For all models, a maximum wire length of 250 meters is allowed. Exceeding the permissible total length of the boundary wire may result in the proper function no longer being guaranteed.

Installation – How should the boundary wire be connected to the charging station?

The wire end at the rear side, as well as the one at the front side of the charging station, must each be connected to the appropriate terminal. After connecting the boundary wire to the charging station, check the installation and trim any excess lengths to a maximum of 10 cm. Ensure that the wires do not cross. In the user manual of your FREELEXO, the process of connecting the wire to the charging station for your specific model is explained in detail.

General – What principle does the lawn mower robot operate on?

The lawn mower robot operates on a random principle. When encountering an obstacle or the boundary wire, the mower changes its direction and continues its work there.
This method ensures that all areas of your garden are mowed, although a specific mowing pattern is not recognizable.
In addition, the mower switches to a spiral mode multiple times during each work session to enhance the efficiency of the random principle.

The robot mows within the daily working interval you've chosen. A recommended duration is 8 hours per day.
An appropriate mowing time, tailored to your garden's size, ensures a reliable and consistent mowing outcome.
The exact coverage in square meters per battery charge varies depending on the type and characteristics of the garden and cannot be generalized.

General – How does the lawn mower robot respond to external factors like rain, heat, or thunderstorms?

In the case of rain and an activated rain sensor, the lawn mower robot returns to the charging station to prevent damage to the lawn. Generally, rain doesn't harm the robot.
During thunderstorms, it's advisable to disconnect the charging station from the power supply to prevent the risk of lightning strikes.
During high heat, the lawn mower robot returns to the charging station and pauses until it cools down. Afterward, it will automatically resume its work. During the summer, schedule working times for cooler parts of the day and place the charging station in a shaded area.

Additionally, if the battery temperature exceeds 75°C, the lawn mower robot will return to the charging station. At temperatures above 45°C or below 0°C, the charging process is halted, and the robot waits at the charging station. Adjust the summer working times to early morning hours and avoid operating the mower during the hottest parts of the day. Once the battery or control unit cools down within the permissible temperature range, the lawn mower robot will automatically return to its programmed operation.

General – Can the device perform edge trimming?

All models feature the "Edge Mowing" function, meaning the robot travels along the boundary wire and mows the lawn edge evenly. For models with an app or display, this function can be enabled or disabled.

General – How loud is the mower?

The robot has a noise level of approximately 60 dB (depending on the specific model). This is roughly equivalent to the noise level of a typical room or conversation. If the lawn mower robot is louder than usual, foreign objects might be stuck to the blades or they could be damaged. Clean or replace the blades to restore the normal noise level.

General – How often does the mower need to mow?

Since the mower operates on a random principle, it needs to mow the lawn regularly to ensure a clean cut. Additionally, the grass clippings are left as mulch, so it's recommended not to let the grass grow too long. However, since every garden is unique, an exact mowing time cannot be specified. As a general guideline, a daily operation of 8 hours for a 500m² area can be considered sensible.

General – Is the mower dangerous for my child or pet?

Despite the numerous sensors and safety features, caution is advised. Small children and pets should never be left unattended in the garden while the lawn mower robot is operating. To protect hedgehogs and other wildlife, it is recommended not to schedule the mower's operation after sunset.

General – How should the robotic mower be cleaned and maintained?

Do not use a garden hose or running water to clean the cutting deck underneath the mower. Turn off the main switch of the lawn mower robot. Afterward, the mower can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Avoid using cleaning agents or solvents, and do not rinse the robot under running water. Replace the blades at least every 3 months to maintain the operational efficiency of the lawn mower robot. If the blades are damaged, they should be replaced promptly. Always replace all 3 blades simultaneously to prevent imbalances.

General – When does the lawn mower robot return to the charging station?

The lawn mower robot returns to the charging station in the following cases:

  • The battery charge level drops below 30%.
  • The daily working time has ended.
  • The rain sensor is activated and triggered.
  • The lawn mower robot is overheated.
  • You manually send the lawn mower robot back to the charging station.
  • The "Edge Mowing" or "Spot-Mowing" mode is started and completed by the mower outside the set working window.

General – What safety precautions does the lawn mower robot have?

The lawn mower robot is equipped with several safety sensors: lift and tilt sensors for immediate shutdown of the cutting deck, collision sensor for obstacle detection, as well as wire detection and rain sensors.
Additionally, the lawn mower robot has a stop button to instantly halt the robot and its cutting deck.
In the event of a power outage, the lawn mower robot comes to a halt automatically.
Furthermore, the lawn mower robot features theft protection through a personal PIN code and audible warning signals.
Despite the numerous sensors and safety features, caution is advised. Pets and small children should never be left unattended in the garden while the lawn mower robot is operating.

Service – My lawn is being mowed unevenly, the grass blades are tearing, and the lawn is changing color. What could be the cause?

First, check the blades. If they are very dull, the lawn cannot be mowed properly. This leads to a whitish discoloration of the lawn as the grass blades are torn and frayed.

Service – I've forgotten my PIN. What can I do?

If you have forgotten or misplaced the PIN for your lawn mower robot, you can request a new PIN at any time. However, this process requires the receipt and the serial number of your FREELEXO. Additionally, you will need a USB stick with no data on it. Plug the stick into your robotic lawn mower and follow the instructions outlined in your mower's user manual. The FREELEXO will save a PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) onto the USB stick as a text file (.txt) during the process, which you can easily open on a computer. Afterward, contact our customer service and provide the PUK to receive a new PIN.