Lost power in your home and can't find the fuse box, working late at night on your construction site, or just enjoy a proper camping trip? In all these situations, there's a handy piece of kit to help you out – a cordless lamp! You can move freely and unencumbered by cables with the battery lights from Einhell – ensuring you're not only well equipped for a night-time hike, but can also illuminate your workshop. In our range, you have the choice between compact battery lights that are very flexible to use and those that can be used as spotlights. The high-performance LEDs installed in the lamps ensure optimum visibility for every use and our lithium-ion batteries provide the necessary flexibility and lighting time. With our working lights, you not only have the perfect lighting for your workshop, but also maximum flexibility!

The different cordless lamps from Einhell

Compact cordless lamps for tight places

Wherever you have poor light in your working area or the power's gone off, and you need lighting, our compact cordless lamps such as the TE-CL 18 Li H are what you need. Combined with the powerful Power X-Change family batteries, the LEDs in these handy lights consume little energy and can last for up to 33 hours with the 6 Ah battery, for example. The lightweight cordless lights are therefore not only suitable as LED torches, but also as a practical working light and indispensable equipment for camping trips.

Perfect lighting on construction sites

The design alone shows what the Einhell lamps TE-CL 18/1800 Li and TE-CL 18/2000 LiAC are intended for. The LED cordless construction spotlights have a very wide scattering angle and are therefore perfect for illuminating rooms or construction sites. With a Power X-Change battery, you can use the working lights anywhere, without a power connection. With an integrated stand or a supplied hook, they can be positioned or hung so that you have both hands free for other tasks and still have the best view of your working area. With a lighting range of 6 metres, the LED spotlights are ideally suited for lighting short distances. Depending on the model, the brightness can be dimmed continuously or in stages.

Powerful all-rounder lamp

With 7 LEDs and 2500 lumens' output and a beam distance of up to 640 metres, the cordless lamp TE-CL 18/2500 LiAC is the powerful all-rounder among our cordless lights. You can regulate the brightness in two stages, which influence the runtime of the Power X-Change battery at the same time. The battery light is easy to handle and it can also be placed on the side or used with a tripod. Whether you ultimately use the light as a spotlight on the construction site, for a night-time hike on a camping trip or in the event of a car breakdown is up to you, because no matter what situation you need light in – the mobile cordless light is always ready for use.

Whether a handy cordless lamp or cordless construction spotlight – our working lights impress with more than just their brightness. We show you the features and advantages of our cordless lights. Einhell lamp guide

What to look out for when purchasing a cordless lamp

Are running time, light colour and brightness all you should pay attention to when buying a light? Not quite. Depending on what you want to use your mobile cordless lights for, features such as the adjustment of brightness and scatter angle, a swivelling light head or a hybrid function for use with a cable might be useful for you. In the following, we will explain what our LED cordless lamps offer you.

Light colour and brightness

Three important factors when choosing your working light are brightness, colour temperature and lighting range. The brightness of the LEDs is given in lumens and tells you how bright the lamp is. In our range you will find models between 280 and 2500 lm. The colour temperature is output in Kelvin: The higher the Kelvin value, the cooler the light gets. With Einhell you can choose between LED lights with a neutral-white light colour (5000 K) or daylight-like colour (5700–7000 K). As the name suggests, the lighting range indicates how far the light shines. Our construction spotlights create 6 metres of light for optimal illumination of short distances. Our most powerful lamp even creates up to 640 metres of lighting range and is therefore also ideally suited for outdoor use.

Optimal adjustment

So that you can optimally illuminate every work area, some of our models are equipped with a swivelling light head that is infinitely adjustable and can even rotate 360° depending on the model. Brightness regulation options also differ from model to model, as regulation can be carried out either in several stages or continuously. So, depending on where you need light at the moment, you can make the lighting brighter or dimmer so that you have a perfect and optimal view of your work.

Cordless and hybrid function

How long your lamp should light up can also be a decisive criterion for your decision, depending on how you want to use it. However, the lighting duration of our models always depends on which battery from the Power X-Change series you combine them with and which brightness setting you choose. Combined with the 6 Ah PXC battery, the light duration varies between a maximum of 345 minutes up to 33 hours, depending on the model. The TE-CL 18/2500 LiAC can also be operated with a cigarette lighter and thus delivers mobile light, while the TE-CL 18/2000 LiAC can also be used without a battery with a 230 V connection.

Easy to use

Thanks to their low weight, the battery lamps are easy to use. If you want to have your hands free while working, make sure to look out for an integrated stand or a hook for hanging your LED battery light. With an integrated carrying handle and softgrip, LED working lights can also be easily transported and are comfortable to hold. Some models are also equipped with a fixing option for use with a commercially available tripod.