Want to make the most of your Power X-Change battery? In our lineup, you will find compatible accessories that not only help you to store your lithium-ion batteries properly and protect them while in use, but also expand the number of ways that you can use your batteries. Our accessory range is just as varied as you have come to expect from the Power X-Change family. Whether you're looking for a USB adapter for your lithium-ion battery, a wall mount or an extra protective cover - you'll find it here. By the way, for heavy work in the garden, you might be interested in our Power X-Change battery belt. Discover all the details about Power X-Change battery accessories here!

Versatile Power X-Change battery accessories

Make your work even easier with cordless tools

Have you already retired your heavy petrol-driven tools and replaced them with new, lightweight and efficient cordless tools? Perfect! Then you have already taken the most important step towards making your projects around the house and garden easier and at the same time more environmentally friendly! But at Einhell we are already going one step further and are constantly working to make our Power X-Change batteries even more compact, powerful and lightweight. We also offer useful accessories to make things even easier, such as our battery belt. It can hold one or two lithium-ion batteries, which shifts the weight when working with 36-volt devices such as hedge trimmers or leaf vacuums and takes some of the load off your arms.

Battery storage and protection

Are your Power X-Change batteries lying around randomly in the workshop? Then it's time to put a bit more order! We have just the accessories for you! Save space while still keeping your batteries easily to hand with our wall mount, which lets you store your batteries directly on the wall or underneath your workbench, for example. Once the batteries are clicked into place, they are held securely, meaning the mounts are also ideal for trade vehicles and vans. If you want to protect your tool battery from dust and moisture during use, you should take a closer look at our Battery Protector.

Versatile ways to use your tool batteries

Want to power more than just your cordless tools and cordless garden accessories? The Einhell USB battery adapter makes it easy to expand the range of ways you can use your Power X-Change batteries. The battery adapter lets you use your lithium-ion battery as a mobile power source for any device that charges via a USB cable. Whether they're mobile phones or tablet computers – you can even charge two devices at the same time thanks to the twin ports. Power-tool battery or power bank? With the USB adapter, our Power X-Change batteries can do both!

Whether wall mounts, battery adapters or protective covers – here you will find practical accessories for use with your Power X-Change batteries. Einhell battery accessories guide

What makes Einhell battery accessories special?

Whether it's a battery belt, USB adapter or wall mount for storage – our original Einhell lithium-ion battery accessories for the Power X-Change family stand out for their high-quality design and sophisticated functionality. Find out more about the advantages of these practical gadgets here.


Universal combinability

Our battery accessories, just like our cordless tools, chargers and batteries, are part of the innovative and high-performance Power X-Change family. A key feature of the Power X-Change system is the flexibility with which tools, batteries and chargers can be combined. This also applies to our battery accessories. Thanks to the standardised mounting, gadgets such as the battery belt or the wall mount can be used with all Power X-Change batteries. Maximum flexibility and infinite combinability – that's Power X-Change.

Carefully thought-out design

Plug it in and get started: Not only are our powerful lithium-ion batteries easy to work with, but our battery accessories are also just as easy to use. In the case of the battery belt, the batteries plug directly into the two battery slots on the belt. Each of these is connected via cable to a "dummy battery", which in turn slots into the device. This connects the lightweight and empty battery cases to the batteries on the belt and thus provide the device with power. The Power X-Change wall mount is also notable for its optimized design and its infinite expandability, as the individual brackets can be easily connected to each other. 

Ease of use

Practical and as easy to use as possible – that is what makes our battery accessories stand out. For example, the battery mount comes with everything you need to install it, such as screws and anchors for fixing it to the wall. The battery belt can be placed around the hips, secured and adjusted in length by means of a snap buckle. When you want to give your batteries even more protection in certain applications, our Power X-Change Battery Protector is easy to slip over the battery. Need an easy power supply when you're on the go? The fast plug connection of our USB Adapter makes this a reality.