Einhell and Zgonc for "Licht ins Dunkel"

Austria's biggest humanitarian aid campaign

Especially in times of crisis, the inclusion of people with disabilities can become an even greater challenge. Helping these people and their families is a wonderful goal. Together with our long-standing partner Zgonc, Einhell is therefore committed to the "Licht ins Dunkel" (German for 'Light into the dark') association of the ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation). Together we will support the social projects of Austria's largest charitable initiative to show solidarity with those who are not doing so well. The event will start with a live donation show on 24th / 25th of November on ORF, in which both Einhell and Zgonc will actively participate.

The tireless efforts of "Licht ins Dunkel" deserve our fullest support and we are pleased to be able to make a contribution as a partner. I hope for buzzing telephone lines during the telethon.
Andreas Kroiss
CEO Einhell Germany AG
16,9 mio. €
Donations 2019
of November

Licht ins Dunkel 2020 / 2021

Cycling for a good cause

For 47 years now the ORF campaign "Licht ins Dunkel" has been collecting money for around 400 social and disability projects. Last year 16.9 million Euros in donations were collected, which helped over 16,000 children and their families. The start of this year's fundraising campaign will be the "Licht ins Dunkel" 24-hour cycling challenge on 24th / 25th of November 2020, where three prominent (ex-) athletes and a cabaret artist will take turns pedalling for the good cause. An oversized Einhell battery will be charged. In the end, the watts generated on the spinning wheel will be converted into Euros for "Licht ins Dunkel". 

The final of the 24-hours cycling challenge

ORF quizmaster Armin Assinger, former ski racer Hans Knauß, cabaret artist Gery Seidl and professional cyclist Yvonne Marzinke competed together in the ORF 24-hour cycling challenge, covering incredible 750 kilometres. The cycled kilometres not only recharged an oversized Einhell battery - every kilometre cycled helps disabled people and families in need. Zgonc and Einhell sponsored 100 euros for each kilometre for the ORF campaign. In the kick-off programme "Licht ins Dunkel - der Gala-Abend", Zgonc CEO Michael Dockal and Einhell CEO Andreas Kroiss surprisingly doubled the amount and thus donated a sum of 150,000 euros to the Austrian aid campaign.