Lightweight, quiet lawn mowers for the garden

They are quieter, require less maintenance and are lighter than their petrol-powered counterparts – electric lawn mowers. In addition, electric lawn mowers are always ready for use, as they do not need to be filled with fuel first. Thanks to their low weight, between 6 and 14 kg, the handy and manoeuvrable lawn mowers can also be moved with less effort and easily stowed away in the garage, shed or basement. This makes the mowers with electric motor an environmentally friendly alternative for small to medium-sized lawns.

The electric lawn mowers from Einhell

Continuous power

Depending on the model, Einhell electric lawn mowers operate with between 1,000 and 1,700 watts of continuous motor power. Constant, because the power of the motor is available immediately and as long as the cable is plugged into the socket – no fuel tank has to be filled and no batteries have to be charged. Electric lawn mowers are always ready for use when the lawn needs to be mowed. Full flexibility in the garden.

Quiet working

Without an internal combustion engine, electric lawn mowers work much more quietly than petrol lawn mowers. The lower operating volume is a significant advantage, especially in densely populated residential areas. Not least because of this, these lawn mowers are popular with anyone with a small to medium-sized garden. With these smaller lawns, the nearest power source is usually not far away, so dealing with the cable shouldn't be a problem.

Simple maintenance

Electric lawn mowers are almost maintenance-free. They do not require oil changes and do not have air filters or spark plugs that need to be changed regularly. Only the blades should be resharpened about once a year – either on your home workbench or by a specialist company. After mowing, a brief cleaning of the underside of the lawn mower with a brush is all you need.

Our electric lawn mowers offer many practical features that make working in your garden at home even easier. Find out here what special functions Einhell's electric lawn mowers have in store. Einhell electric lawn mower guide

Here's how to find the right Einhell electric lawn mower for you

Cutting width, cutting height, ergonomics and collection basket – which mower is right for your lawn depends on several factors. To help you find the right device, we'll describe them in more detail for you below.

Cutting width and cutting height

Einhell electric lawn mowers with cutting widths between 30 and 43 cm. This makes them perfect for medium-sized and small lawns up to a maximum area of 700 m². Regardless of the cutting width, Einhell's lawn mowers with their double blade always guarantee a clean, even cut over the entire working area. The cutting height is just as important as the cutting width: It should always be adapted to the condition of the lawn in the garden. In all electric lawn mowers, the cutting height can be adjusted centrally or axially in several stages.

Ergonomic working

Whether mowing in the garden takes 10 minutes or two hours, the ergonomics should not be neglected when buying an electric lawn mower. For this reason, the height of the guide bar is adjustable in all electric lawn mowers from Einhell. This means the position can be perfectly adapted to your height, which helps your back to remain relaxed even during longer work. In addition, all lawn mowers have an integrated carrying handle.

Size of the collection basket

All Einhell electric mowers are factory-equipped with a collection basket. The larger the collection basket, the less often it has to be emptied, but the heavier it will become over time. This balancing act must be taken into account when it comes to the volume of the collection basket. The electric mowers are available with collection baskets with capacities of between 25 and 52 litres. Depending on the size of the lawn, the collection box should be able to hold an equivalent amount of grass.