When it comes to cut quality, hand lawn mowers, also known as cylinder mowers, are the best thing you can do for your lawn. They cleanly and quietly mow smaller lawns, and they're environmentally friendly. The horizontal, rotating blade reel cuts the blades of grass using a number of curved blades, ensuring a cutting-edge result for your garden.

Hand mower for the perfect lawn

Hand reel mower

As the name suggests, hand mowers are usually operated by hand. As soon as the machine is pushed, the reel starts to rotate – the faster you push, the faster the blades rotate and the cleaner you mow across the lawn. This means that a hand lawn mower operates almost silently, don't produce exhaust fumes and don't require petrol or electricity as fuel, which makes them environmentally friendly in several respects at once. Hand lawn mowers are always reel mowers, unlike petrol, electric or cordless lawn mowers. The devices do not operate with one rotating blade, but with two counter-rotating blades on one mowing reel.

Hand lawn mower with battery support

If you're not ready to give up the comfort of a motorized lawn mower, you can use our hand lawn mowers with battery. As part of the Power X-Change family, you can use any Power X-Change battery in the reel mower. The cordless reel mower makes mowing your lawn easier by using the Li-ion battery to power the reel. This means you need less power to push the mower across the lawn. You can also switch to manual mode if you want to control the speed of the reel yourself or if your batteries are not charged. Without a battery, the cordless reel mower works the same as the other reel mowers.

Our hand mowers offer many practical features to ensure a perfectly manicured lawn. Find out what those functions are. Einhell hand lawn mower guide

Functions and features of our hand lawn mowers

High-quality reel

Our hand lawn mowers have two counter-rotating blades. The top cutting edge consists of several blades mounted on the rotating mower reel with ball bearings. The cutting blades on our hand lawn mowers are made of precision-ground, high-quality steel. The second, lower cutting edge is rigidly mounted. With this special technology, reel mowers cut the blades of grass much cleaner and more gently than rotary mowers. This special, non-contact cutting technology results in only minimal friction losses between the blade and the counter-blade, which makes working with reel mowers particularly quiet and energy-saving.

Collection basket or mulching?

Mulching or removing grass clippings cleanly? It all depends on how you want to maintain your lawn. So you don't have to collect the grass with a rake, our range includes hand lawn mowers with a grass collection basket, which can hold between 16 and 45 litres of grass cuttings, depending on the model. The collection baskets are removable, making them easy to empty and clean. Since only short blades of grass are usually cut with the hand lawn mower, the grass cuttings are ideal for mulching, i.e. for natural fertilisation of your lawn. To do this, you can simply leave off the collection basket.

Ergonomic working

Since hand reel mowers usually do not have a motor, they are not only emission-free and quiet, but also quite a bit lighter than motor-powered mowers. This makes them simple to handle and easy to manoeuvre on the lawn. The large wheels not only protect the lawn, but also cope with minor irregularities in the garden. For ergonomic, upright work, you can adjust the guide bar to your height. In addition, the handy lawn mowers can be conveniently stored after use, saving space thanks to the parking position.

Here's how to find the right Einhell reel mower for you

Due to the interaction of the cutting edge and the counter-cutting edge, the blades of grass are cut smoothly by the reel without fraying. From this precise cut blades of grass recover faster, do not dry out and, accordingly, do not turn brown. We'll give you tips on which cutting width or height of cut to choose and how best to adjust them.

Cutting width

With cutting widths between 30 and 40 cm, Einhell's hand lawn mowers are recommended for small and medium-sized areas up to about 250 m². This recommendation is due to the fact that manual mowing requires more time and strength than cutting the lawn with a lawn mower with a motor. Apart from that, the size of the lawn that can be handled by a hand mower depends mainly on the strength and endurance of the user.

Cutting height

As with all other lawn mowers from Einhell, the cutting height of the hand lawn mowers can be adjusted in several stages. Depending on the model, the minimum cutting height is 13 to 14 mm and the maximum cutting height is 37 to 38 mm. The cutting height can be adjusted at any time in 4 different stages. Essentially, the shorter the lawn and the more often the mower is used, the easier it is for you to achieve a clean-cut, dense lawn.