With an Einhell scarifier, you give your lawn the air it needs to breathe. Scarifying scratches the turf, removes moss and weeds, keeping the lawn healthy. This creates space for fresh, strong blades, giving the grass the freedom to grow. Einhell's range includes dedicated scarifiers and combination models that double as lawn aerators. Our cordless battery-powered scarifiers offer maximum freedom.

The various scarifiers from Einhell

Cordless scarifiers

The battery-powered scarifiers by Einhell: quiet, eco-friendly, low-maintenance, and cordless. With suitable batteries from the Power X-Change family, they can cover lawn areas up to 500 m², and with charged spare batteries, even larger areas. These scarifiers are environmentally friendly, producing no emissions and operating with low noise levels. Their electric or brushless motors require no maintenance and impress with a long lifespan. Depending on your garden size, choose from models with a working width of 28 - 35 cm for the cordless scarifiers.

Electric scarifiers

Electric scarifiers are quiet and affordable assistants for scarifying your garden. Depending on the working width of the device, they are best suited for lawn areas between 300 and 800 m². However, the cable length or distance to the nearest power outlet plays a crucial role in their range. Electric scarifiers are smaller and much lighter than, for example, petrol scarifiers, making them particularly agile and easy to use. All these qualities make them the perfect scarifiers and lawn aerators for your home lawn.

Petrol scarifiers

Petrol scarifiers are the professionals for large lawn areas and hard-to-reach areas. With their powerful petrol engines, they work vigorously and enduringly - without the need for trailing cables. Another advantage of petrol scarifiers is their relatively high weight, allowing them to penetrate the soil sufficiently even on dry and hard grounds. However, they are not as easy to maneuver as electric or battery-powered scarifiers. Due to their design, scarifiers with petrol engines are also louder in operation than comparable models with electric drive.

Our battery, electric, and petrol scarifiers offer many practical features, making home garden work even easier. Discover the specific functions each model has for you. Einhell Scarifier Guide

How to find the right scarifier for you

Scarifier, lawn aerator, grass catcher? We'll explain which model is the right tool for you and what accessories you need for a healthy lawn in more detail below.

Combination Tools: Scarifying, Aerating, Collecting

Lawn aerators and scarifiers operate on the same principle, often available as combination tools. The crucial difference lies in the respective roller types. A combination tool is equipped with both a blade roller and an aerator roller, and often comes with a grass catcher. This allows the scarifier-aerator to not only remove dead grass, thatch, and moss from the lawn but also aerate the turf. Aeration enables grass roots to absorb more water, oxygen, and other nutrients.

Adjustable Working Depth

All Einhell scarifiers come with a working depth adjustment. Depending on the model, this can be centrally adjusted via a lever or at the two front wheels. The majority of Einhell cordless scarifiers feature a 3-stage adjustment, allowing the working depth to be set at 3 mm, 6 mm, and 9 mm. The depth you should work into the soil depends on the soil and lawn conditions. Factors include whether the soil is heavy and compacted and the extent to which the lawn is burdened by thatch, weeds, and other factors.

High-Quality Aerator and Blade Rollers

For optimal lawn care, our scarifier-aerators come equipped with high-quality blade and aerator rollers. These roller bearings are either fitted with sharp stainless steel blades or robust stainless steel aerator claws. Depending on the model, you can easily interchange the rollers with just a few steps, or even completely tool-free. Depending on the Einhell scarifier you choose, both rollers may already be included in the package, or they can be separately available as an accessory for your device.

Thoughtful Design

All Einhell scarifiers feature an adjustable handlebar for height. Through a folding mechanism, it can also be placed in a convenient parking position. With an integrated carrying handle, the garden tool can be easily transported after scarifying and stored in a space-saving manner in the garden shed, basement, or garage alongside the lawnmower. Our scarifiers are equipped with large wheels, which are gentle on the soil and lawn.

We will guide you on providing your lawn with the necessary breathing space, which soils to scarify, and how to properly use a scarifier and lawn aerator. Professional tips from real garden experts

Tips for Handling Scarifiers and Lawn Aerators

Setting the Working Depth Correctly

When scarifying, there's a fine line between perfect lawn care and damaging the turf. To ensure the blade roller catches moss, thatch, and weeds without harming the grass, it should not be set too deep. Conversely, if the roller is set too high, moss, thatch, and weeds will remain on the lawn. To minimize damage to the lawn, we recommend mowing the grass first with the lawnmower at the lowest cutting height. Then, set the scarifier to a 3 mm working depth and work on a section of your lawn. Set the scarifier aside, collect the debris, and assess the result. This way, you can determine whether more or less working depth is needed.

Scarifying, Aerating, or Both?

Careful lawn maintenance includes both scarifying and aerating. Scarifying can be demanding on the lawn, so this treatment should be done only once or twice a year. The blade roller removes moss, thatch, and weeds from the lawn, potentially creating bare spots. After scarifying, provide the right care for your lawn, such as overseeding or using suitable fertilizer. Aerating, on the other hand, involves creating small holes in the soil to loosen it and facilitate grass roots' absorption of nutrients. You can safely aerate your lawn multiple times regularly every few weeks for a refreshing boost.

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