With handheld saws from Einhell, you can effortlessly and precisely cut materials such as wood, plastic, fiberboard, plaster, and even metal. Utilize the flexibility of our cordless saws from the Power X-Change battery system or the uncompromising high performance of our electric saws with the traditional mains power connection. No matter how challenging the task of cutting and sawing may be, with our electric and cordless saws, you can easily tackle renovation and cutting tasks in the garden and around the house. Whether it's a jigsaw, circular saw, plunge saw, bandsaw, or universal saw, in our range, you'll always find the right saw for every job – ensuring impressive results!

The various handheld saws


The jigsaw delivers precise results down to the millimeter and is therefore particularly suitable for fine model construction or smaller, precise woodworking projects. Thanks to the chip guard and the attachable cutting line indicator, you can achieve tear-free, accurate cuts with the pendulum jigsaw. You can even cut out the smallest figures or shapes because the thin saw blade flexibly adapts to wood or plastics. With the appropriate blade, the jigsaw can even cut through metal. By engaging the pendulum action, you can achieve particularly fast cuts. Whether you want to enjoy full mobility with the cordless jigsaw or prefer the corded jigsaw for maximum endurance is up to you.

All Purpose Saws

The All purpose Saw is the practical all-rounder among our saws and can be used for cutting materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. It excels, especially in short cuts and plunge cuts. The function of the all-purpose saw is similar to that of a jigsaw: a reciprocating motion guides the saw blade through the material, although, in this case, the saw blade doesn't move up and down but rather horizontally back and forth. Because it efficiently 'saws' through the material and due to its slim design, the all-purpose saw is often referred to as a cordless reciprocating saw or a hacksaw. In our range of saws, you can also find both corded and cordless all-purpose saw models.

Circular Saws

A circular saw is considered essential equipment in most DIY workshops. It's a must-have tool for making straight, long cuts in wood, plastic, or, depending on the blade, even metal. Whether you're working on interior design, renovations, or building a deck, an electric or cordless circular saw equips you for a wide range of tasks. Equipped with a parallel guide and angle adjustment, the circular saw not only ensures perfectly straight cuts but also allows for precise miter cuts. What's particularly convenient is that you can adjust the cutting depth and bevel angle without the need for tools, and you can change the saw blade using a spindle lock. In our selection, you can choose between the cordless flexibility of the powerful cordless circular saws or the electric circular saws for particularly extensive projects, long-lasting use, or thick wooden and metal workpieces.

Mini Circular Saws

The mini circular saw with a cordless or corded connection is the compact classic among our saws, allowing you to make precise and quick angular cuts. You can effortlessly cut various materials such as wood, plastics, or tiles with the mini circular saw and a suitable saw blade. Thanks to the continuously adjustable cutting depth, fine plunge cuts are also possible with this compact device. Additionally, the parallel guide ensures precise and custom-sized straight cuts at all times. It's super practical and, thanks to the ergonomic soft grip, the mini circular saw is also safe to handle!

Plunge Cut Saws

The plunge cut saw stands out for its maximum power and is the most powerful among our circular saws. With this saw, you can achieve forceful and deep cuts in various materials such as wood and plastic. It almost doesn't matter how deep the cut needs to be, as the plunge cut saw works its way through materials with a cutting depth of up to 56 mm, thanks to its 1,200-watt performance. In addition, making bevel cuts and achieving precise results near edges is remarkably easy. The plunge cut saw makes cutting kitchen countertops a breeze, and shadow gaps can be effortlessly cut as well. You can quickly adjust the cutting depth and bevel angle for each of your projects.


Band Saws

For cutting pipes, moldings, and larger workpieces, especially those made of metal, aluminum, or steel, we recommend our bandsaw. With a saw band speed of 120 m/min, it's suitable for cutting various materials and separates metals without producing sparks. Available with or without a stand, you can decide whether to use the saw solely by hand or as a versatile compact floor-standing tool. You can change the saw band without the need for tools with just a few simple steps. And the best thing about the band saw? Thanks to the Power X-Change battery, you can use it without restrictions wherever it's needed.

Whether it's a cordless saw or an electric saw, we have the right model for every project. Discover which saw is the best fit for your project. Einhell Saw Guide

Functions and Features of Our Saws

Cordless or Corded

For nearly all of our handheld saws, you have the choice between corded and cordless models. Depending on how time-consuming your projects are, the materials you're working with, and where your saw will be used, you can decide for yourself which option to go for. The power outlet, of course, provides the endurance your powerful saw needs, but within a limited range of movement. With a Power X-Change battery, you can move freely without cords or outlets and still have the necessary power at your disposal. When the battery is empty, you can easily replace it with another charged Power X-Change battery.

Precise Cuts

Guiding the saw precisely over the workpiece to create an accurate cut takes practice. Depending on the model, our saws make it easier for you with an integrated parallel guide or an adjustable bevel angle. If you want to make a straight cut, such as trimming deck beams to the same length with a circular saw, the parallel guide or guide rail (available as an accessory) guides you right along the wood. If you need to make miter cuts or require a cut at a specific angle, you can set the bevel angle in advance on the circular saws, plunge saw, and bandsaw with a stand.


Blade Change

Saw blades become dull and need to be changed from time to time for precise and safe work. To make this process easier for you, pay attention to the blade-changing mechanism when making a purchase. Many of our jigsaws, universal saws, bandsaws, and other models allow you to change the blade without additional tools. For our circular saws, for example, this can be done using the spindle lock. Depending on the model, there may even be additional blades for different materials included in the package.

Optimal Visibility

To make clean cuts, having a good view of your work area is crucial. Our saws come equipped with several practical features to facilitate this. For instance, an LED light provides illumination of the cutting area, and in the case of jigsaws, a cutline indicator shows you where to guide your saw blade. To ensure unobstructed visibility, your cutting area should also be clean and free of debris. For this purpose, many saws have a dust extraction adapter, a dust extraction function, or a blowing function.


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Improving Your Sawing: Sawing Tips for DIY Enthusiasts

Choosing the Right Saw for Your Project

Choosing the right saw is one of the most crucial tools for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals who aim to tackle household and garden projects professionally. Therefore, when making a purchase, it's essential to carefully compare the different saws and their handling in advance. Nowadays, you have a wide selection of saws and cordless saws at your disposal, but not every one of them is suitable for your project. Additionally, the appropriate sawing accessories, such as a guide rail for circular saws, can also be of interest. In our blog, you'll find more information on what to consider when making a purchase and which tool is best suited for specific sawing tasks.

Proper Care of Saw Blades

After sawing, there's more sawing to come: Once you've found the right model for your needs, nothing can stop your DIY project. However, after the work is done, your saw also requires proper maintenance, as saw blades can quickly rust and become dull. Proper maintenance has a significant impact on the longevity and functionality of the saw. Each type of saw requires specific care and maintenance. To ensure that you enjoy your saw for a long time, you can find more information on all the steps, from cleaning and proper care of the saw blades to sharpening the blades, in our blog posts.