Power generators: Electricity wherever you need it

You come home in the evening, turn on the lights and get a cold drink from your fridge. Then you cook yourself a delicious pizza in the oven and watch your favorite series on TV while you eat. What a great way to end the day! But all of a sudden you find yourself in the dark – the power has gone out. Without electricity, you can get virtually nothing done today. We really depend on it. Especially if you are planning a camping holiday or a trip in your motorhome, it will be difficult to find a socket. In these cases, it's a good idea to have a power generator.

We show you exactly what power generators are, what differences there are and how large their field of application really is. We also clarify the question of whether a power generator from Einhell can be used to supply the entire home with electricity in the event of a power cut.

In this post, you'll learn everything you need to know about power generators.

How do power generators work?

A generator, or a generator set, is a device that generates electrical energy. The main components of a generator set are an engine and a generator. With the help of an external energy source, such as petrol, diesel or gas, the engine of the device is driven. The resulting mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy by the generator. Our Einhell power generators all have a petrol engine.

There are different types of power generator sets. In general, they can be divided into two categories:

  • Conventional power generator
  • Inverter power generator
There are two types of power generators: Conventional and inverter power generators.

Conventional power generators

Conventional power generators, such as the Einhell power generator TC-PG 35/E5 or the Einhell power generator TC-PG 25/1/E5, generate a voltage and current frequency that is directly coupled to the engine speed. As standard, and also with all Einhell current generators, the voltage is 230V or 400V at a frequency of 50 Hz. This remains constant as a result of the coupling. However, this type of power generation results in voltage spikes that could cause damage to sensitive devices, such as mobile phones or laptops, and in the worst case, render them unusable. As a rule, however, the charger should protect against overvoltage. Large consumers, such as cable-driven drilling machines or other construction site equipment, which can be connected to the integrated sockets of the unit, are pretty much unaffected by such voltage peaks due to their somewhat simpler electronics. As a rule, they can be connected to conventional power generators without hesitation. However, it is always advisable to compare the technical data of the consumer with the generator set beforehand.

Inverter technology

Generators equipped with inverter technology generally also operate at the current frequency of 50 Hz, which is common in Europe. The Einhell power generator TE-IG 3500 or the Einhell power generator TC-IG 1100 are equipped with this technology. It allows the internal combustion engine and the generator to operate separately from the power electronics. This has the advantage that the current intensity can be adjusted. So, if less current is required, the engine can run at a lower speed. As a result, the inverter changes the current intensity. In addition, less fuel is consumed and the volume of the generator is reduced.

Thanks to the constant frequency and voltage, the inverter technology enables the connection of sensitive devices such as mobile phones or tablets. Again, it is advisable to compare the technical data before use. Equipped with 2 USB ports, you can connect your mobile phone, your laptop or other smaller consumers without additional charger or power supply to the inverter generator set.

Inverter technology is ideal for devices with sensitive electronics.

What to look out for

There are a few things you should consider when buying a power generator to make sure you get the right one for you:

  • What do you want to use the generator for?
  • What performance should the generator set have?
  • How long does the generator need to power your devices?


First of all, you should think about what you want – or maybe even urgently need – a power generator and which devices you want to power.

This is also where inverter technology comes into play. Because if you are planning a camping trip or just need a generator set for your large garden, then an inverter generator is recommended. It adapts its power to the connected consumer and can therefore also operate the speakers and light chains for your garden party.

If you have a construction site that has not yet had any electrical sockets or outlets installed, you can also use a conventional petrol generator set. With a maximum output of 3100W and a 4-stroke mmotor with 15 l tank volume, the Einhell power generator TC-PG 35/E5 is a good choice here. With its integrated wheels, it can be used anywhere on the construction site and supplies your larger machines with a 2/3 load for up to 10 hours.

  • WARNING: Einhell power generators are not intended to be integrated into the domestic grid. They are not designed for such a current load and could cause a complete short circuit if you try to connect them. Furthermore, emergency power generators should always be installed by an electrician.


First think about how many consumers you want to connect and how high their power consumption is. The Einhell generator sets have a continuous output between 680 and 3600 watts. The maximum output power is between 800W and 6,500W at 400 volts. An average hair dryer, for example, has a power of about 1000 watts, i.e. 1 kW. This would mean that the Einhell generator TC-PG 10/E5 with a maximum output power of 800W would be too small for this. The generator set is intended for smaller devices with less power. The Einhell power generator TC-PG 65/E5, on the other hand, has a maximum output of 6500W with a 400 volt socket. Here, the device provides so much power that you could theoretically connect 6 hairdryers at the same time.

It's best to take a close look at the performance data of all your devices and add them up to find the right power generator for your project.

Running time

It is also important how long you need electricity for. Since all Einhell power generators are powered by petrol, consumption can be easily compared to that of a car. The larger the tank, the longer electricity can be generated for. Of course, the running time also depends on which device you want to connect and how many need to be operated at the same time.

The Einhell power generator TC-PG 25/1/E5 has a running time of 12.5 hours with a load of 2/3. It has a continuous output of 2100W and a 15-litre tank. With full power of 2400W, the running time is of course reduced.

Before buying a generator, you should consider what you would like to use it for.

Proper maintenance

To keep your generator running for a long time, we recommend regular maintenance and cleaning. It is best to wipe the device with a dry cloth after each use. Make sure that you keep the air vents clean, as the Einhell generators are all air-cooled.

Be sure to check the oil level before each use. You can always find out which oil should be used for your generator set in the operating instructions. How to find the right oil for your petrol engine is explained in another blog post.

For optimal storage of your generator, a dry, cool place away from ignition sources is recommended. It is best to let your device cool down beforehand for about 5 minutes.

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