Maintaining trees and hedges is sometimes one of the most strenuous tasks you'll have to take care of in your garden – not least because of the exhausting sawing work in higher places. With the pole saws and multitools for the garden – which are pole saw pruners and telescopic hedge trimmers in one – it is easier to remove troublesome branches and to work on densely branched treetops or tall hedges. The practical pole saws and multitools impress with high performance and easy handling – both as Power X-Change battery models with cordless freedom and as powerful electric garden tools. With the telescopic handle, you can easily adapt your pole saw or multitool to achieve fast and precise cutting results. Making even the most strenuous gardening tasks fun!

The range of different pole saws and multitools from Einhell

Cordless pole saws

You want to give your trees a fresh trim? Then make work easier for yourself and pick up a battery-powered pole saw from Einhell! With the telescopic handle, the small chainsaw can even reach high branches. You can work completely freely and without cables with the powerful Power X-Change battery system, where any battery can be combined with any system tool and charger. The quality sword and the robust saw chain, together with the automatic chain lubrication, ensure that you can enjoy your cordless pole saw pruner for a long time.

Cordless or petrol-powered multitools

Need to trim the trees in your garden, and the hedges are already overgrown too? Multitools from Einhell can operate as both a pole saw and a telescopic hedge trimmer. So, you're getting two tools in one – and at an unbeatable price! Still want more? Then take a look at the GE-LM 36/4in1 Li-Solo cordless multitool or the GC-MM 52 | AS petrol multitool, which are not only pole saw pruners and hedge trimmers thanks to the extensive range of accessories, but also function as lawn trimmers with blades or trimmer thread.

Electric pole saws

Want to cut a lot of trees in a short time without worrying about battery life or charging times? For this purpose, we also offer conventional, corded pole saws. If a power connection and extension cable are available, you will achieve perfect cutting results with the powerful electric pruning saws from Einhell, even during long and tedious work. The high-quality guide bar and the robust saw chain, which are included as accessories, guarantee this. To get you started using the electric pole saw straight away, all you need is saw chain oil.

Whether you're looking for a cordless or electric pole saw, or petrol or cordless multitool, you can find the right tool for you needs with us. Discover the functions and accessories the pole saws and multitools have to offer. Einhell pole saw guide

What to look out for when purchasing a pole saw

With such a wide range of pole saws and multitools, it is not easy to choose. It is important for you to think about the work you will need the multifunctional tool or the telescopic chainsaw for before buying. In the following, we explain which functions and accessories you should also look out for when making a purchase.

High-quality sword and saw chain

To ensure clean cuts, the chain saw attachment of the pole saws and multitools should be equipped with a quality sword and a robust saw chain. To extend the life and runtime of the tool, all practical telescopic saws from Einhell are also equipped with automatic chain lubrication, which permanently supplies the saw chain with oil. This reduces the friction between the chain and the sword, so that you can enjoy your gardening tool for a long time.

Features for precise cuts

The higher the chain speed, the cleaner the cut. So, it's important to also take this factor into account when making your decision. If you want to cut thick branches, a chain speed of at least 5 metres per second is recommended. To reach the branches from the right angle, you should also make sure you have a sufficiently long, telescopic handle, as well as a tiltable motor head for the perfect angle.

Work safely and comfortably

Sawing branches at great heights is strenuous and requires considerable strength in the arms. But with the right telescopic branch cutter or multitool you can make your work easier! With the help of an adjustable additional handle, a pole saw or multitool can be operated ergonomically. A carrying strap additionally relieves the arms through better weight distribution. A blade guard is included in delivery so that you can safely store your pole saw pruner and accessories.