A different way to holiday: Relaxation and recreation at home

More and more people are discovering the benefits of holidaying at home or in their own garden. Spending vacations like this offers many opportunities to relax, enjoy some time for yourself, and discover new things in the surrounding area. In contrast to long-distance travel or trips overseas, spending holidays at home is often a less expensive and less stressful option.

In this blog post, we take a look at the benefits of this type of holiday and present some ideas and tips on how to spend a relaxing and variety-filled time at home.

With these simple ideas, you can turn your vacation into a successful "staycation".

Advantages of taking a staycation

Truth be told, holidays conjure up the same picture for all of us: sun, sand and sea. But travel to another city or country often also brings with it a lot of stress and organisational effort. Sometimes you even come back from your vacation more stressed than you were at the beginning of the trip. That is why many people are increasingly choosing to take a week off at home. There are a whole range of reasons one might opt for such a "staycation":

  • Money saving: Long-haul travel and hotel stays have become increasingly expensive in recent years. For holidays in "Balconia", the costs for travel, accommodation, meals and activities are largely, or at least significantly, reduced. So a holiday at home also suits the smaller budget.

  • Low stress: Travelling can be associated with a lot of stress. Flights, long car journeys, unfamiliar environments, language barriers and much more can make you feel stressed and exhausted. A holiday at home or in the garden, on the other hand, offers a familiar environment where you feel comfortable and can focus completely on relaxation and recreation.

  • Discovering your region: We are often not even aware of how many beautiful and interesting things there are to explore right on our doorstep. A holiday in your own four walls offers the opportunity to view your surroundings with new eyes and to discover places and activities that have so far passed you by. For example, you can take a bike tour around the local surrounding area, visit a museum or exhibition, hike in nature or go camping in a nearby recreation area.

  • Sustainability: Travel often has a high carbon footprint. Flights and long car journeys contribute to pollution and harm the climate. On the other hand, a holiday in the comfort of your own home or in the local area can be a sustainable choice that protects the climate and has a positive environmental impact.

  • Spring cleaning: This season is a great time to get your house and garden in shape. The terrace, driveway, and maybe even the car, need to be made presentable again for the summer. In the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, its often hard to find the time, which is why you can also use the holiday in the familiar surroundings of home productively.

With the Einhell cordless stick vacuum cleaner, you can easily and quickly clean up your house or apartment.

Tips for a successful holiday in your own home

There are many ways to plan your free time at home so that you can experience a few unforgettable days. Ambitious DIYers will certainly spend some time preparing their own home for the summer party season or bringing the garden out of hibernation. Productive activities within your own four walls can also be relaxing and help you find a good balance with your regular job.

Being Productive Doesn't Hurt

Winter is long gone, and summer is just around the corner. That's why spring is the perfect time to get everything ready for the hot summer days and all kinds of garden parties. Of course, this includes spring cleaning in and around the house. For example, you can start by clearing out the clothes you no longer wear, or sorting out things you don't use anymore so you can sell or donate them. Not only does this make space in your home, but it also creates order in your head.

There's always something to be done in the garden or around the house: the lawn to mow, weeds to be pulled, plants to be put out, wooden buildings to be repainted, not to mention general sweeping. Einhell tools and gardening equipment are the perfect helpers for such jobs. In some cases, they even do all the work for you. For example, our FREELEXO Robot Lawn Mower. These come with a wide variety of options, whether with a camera or perimeter wire, with or without app control. 

Relax through gardening: Our robot lawn mowers take care of the work for you during your staycation at home.

The PICOBELLA Cordless Surface Brush also makes cleaning your terrace easy. We have already explained exactly how you do this in another blog post. The Einhell Cordless Push Sweeper TE-SW 18/610 Li is ideal for removing fallen leaves or other loose dirt from your driveway or garage without any effort. You can even spend some of your free time to polish your car back to a high gloss - literally! You start by cleaning the bodywork with the Einhell High Pressure Cleaner TE-HP 170. The tool comes with an extensive set of accessories which includes some attachments, such as the spray gun, that you can use to easily remove the coarse dirt from your vehicle's paintwork. You can then polish your car and make it gleam with the Einhell Cordless Car Polisher CE-CB 18/254 Li. Incidentally, circular terrace cleaning attachment for the High-Pressure Cleaner is ideal for removing coarse dirt from paving slabs and stone floors.


Check beforehand whether the Surface Brush PICOBELLA or the High Pressure Cleaner are suitable for the surfaces in your garden. These tools have a lot of power and may damage delicate materials.

Has your wooden garden furniture seen better days? Help is at hand with our grinding tools and paint sprayers! Your garden set will be back looking like new in no time at all. The Einhell High-Pressure Cleaner can also be used to remove pollen and so on from plastic seats and loungers.

For clean, streak-free windows and other glass surfaces, we offer the new Einhell Cordless Window Cleaner BRILLIANTO. With its optional accessory sets (sold separately), it is the perfect choice – even for narrow or high windows.

Whether narrow or high-set windows: With the Einhell Cordless Window Cleaner and the appropriate accessories, window cleaning becomes child's play.

Just let your spirit wander

After the work is done, that good feeling of having achieved something is noticeable. A rest is really well deserved. With the (hopefully) warm temperatures and beautiful weather, cooling down after the strenuous work is also much needed. 

And what's the best way to cool off? That's right: a pool party! Throwing a party in the garden provides the ultimate summer-holiday feeling in your home. It often doesn't take much for a successful garden party. Our must-haves guarantee your next summer party will be a success:

Cordless Clean Water Pump GE-PP 18 RB

With a delivery pressure of 2 bar, the water pump can transport water from a tank, well or rainwater butt to a lawn sprinkler. But your lawn is not the only thing it can give a generous watering to. It's a lot of fun jumping through the cool water in swimming trunks or bikini. Children in particular enjoy it a lot, and even pets seem to like it.

Hybrid Compressor PRESSITO

Don't have an in-ground pool? No problem! With our PRESSITO you can get everything properly inflated. Operating at a maximum pressure of 11 bar, the air compressor quickly and easily blows air into an inflatable pool or paddling pool. It also makes light work of inflating accessories such as balls, airbeds and inflatable dinghies for the sea.

Cordless Fan GE-CF 18/2200 Li

If taking a dip in the water to cool off is not an option, this cordless fan might help. With a battery life of up to 18 hours, adjustable airflow and a flexible mounting hook, the fan leaves nothing to be desired and blows a cool breeze across your face on hot days. 

Cordless Speaker TC-SR 18 Li BT

Our small Cordless Speaker provides the perfect soundtrack. You just need to slot in a Power X-Change battery, and the speaker can be connected to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or aux cable. At the same time, you can also charge the battery of your mobile phone using the USB charging function.

So you see, you don't always have to go far to enjoy the perfect holiday. Just plan your next trip in your beautiful garden. With spring and summer upon us, lie back on your lounger with a cold drink and a good book, invite friends over to join you for a party, or spend a pleasant evening with the family over delicious grilled food.

Picture of the author Lisa Hegewald.
Written by Lisa Hegewald
Published on 31.05.2023

Lisa Hegewald, as an online editor at Einhell, deals with almost all texts related to tools, gardening equipment, and accessories. Through collaboration with Einhell product managers and practical product training, she consistently expands her knowledge. Her must-have product is the cordless coffee machine because nothing works without caffeine, whether on the construction site or in the office.