Firmware update

Always keep your robot lawn mower up to date

As a general rule, do not confuse the mower firmware update with updates to the Einhell Connect App. If the app receives an update, this does not have to be transferred to the mower (currently it is also not possible to update the mower via the app). If an update of the mower becomes necessary, you can download it from the section below (the BIN file does not need to be unzipped).

Frequently asked questions

How do I find out about software updates?

• The manufacture will inform you of these via email/their website.
• The app will inform you about new updates. If no update is available in the App, this means that your mower is up to date.

Where do I find the article- and identification number?

On your product you will usually find the type plate near the motor / drive unit. There you can find the 7-digit article number and the 5-digit identification number. The item number is also shown on the manuals.

Can the mower be reset to factory settings?

The mower itself cannot be reset to factory settings, but this is usually not necessary. Software updates can be found on the website, but do not have to be downloaded. In the app you can delete your mower and your personal data and reset the statistics.

How can I format the USB stick FAT32?

Instructions for Windows users: 

The USB stick should be max. 8 GB and formatted with FAT32.

To format a USB stick in Windows 10, the following steps are necessary:

  • Insert the USB stick.
  • Open the "This PC" overview in Windows Explorer.
  • Your USB stick should now be displayed there. Click on the entry with the right mouse button.
  • Select "Format".
  • You can then select the desired file system FAT32 and change the name of the USB stick.
  • Then click on "Start".

The stick must not contain hidden files or another partition.

Delete hidden folders and files:

In the file explorer, select View - Options - View - Show hidden files, directories and drives.

Then delete all folders and files in the Explorer. The System Volume Information folder is important and must be removed.

Only the update file should still be on the stick.