Automatic Water Works


Item no: 4180380EAN: 4006825659986
  • Smart: App control makes watering possible from anywhere
  • Manual control via app or on the pump itself
  • Schedule watering via app for fixed watering times
  • Smart irrigation using weather data via app
  • Coordination of multiple smart devices via the app
  • Automatic function on pressure demand or pressure loss
  • Large water filling screw for easy filling up the pump with water
  • Frost protection due to water drain screw
  • Dry-running protection prevents damage due to dry running
  • Thermal protection prevents overload damage on the motor
  • Pre-filter protects the pump from pollution
  • Non-return valve prevents backflow/ drop in water level
  • High-quality mechanical seals ensure less abrasion
  • LED display provides information about status and possible errors
  • Durable suction and pressure side connections with brass inserts
  • High quality stainless steel look
  • Incl. adapter 1" (33.3 mm) ET suitable for 1" suction hoses
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Article description

The Einhell automatic water works GE-AW 1144 SMART makes it possible – thanks to the app-based control, you can water your garden from anywhere. Manual control of the pump, which has a high-quality stainless steel finish, is possible via the app or from the pump itself. And for anyone who likes things to be really comfortable, the app can also be used to set up fixed watering schedules. With the aid of the app, you can also use latest weather info to control smart watering. In the process, the app is able to coordinate multiple smart Einhell devices at the same time. With 1,100 W of power on tap, the unit can pump up to 4,400 l per hour. The automatic function switches the pump automatically on or off depending on water demand or if pressure is lost. A large water filling screw makes filling the pump an easy task. The water drain plug makes the pump safe for winter and protects against frost. Further protection is afforded by the dry-running protection, which prevents the damage that can be caused if a pump runs dry, as well as the thermal protection, which prevents damage due to the motor overloading. A pre-filter also protects the pump against the ingress of dirt and foreign bodies, while the non-return valve prevents backflow and water levels from dropping. High-quality mechanical seals keep wear to a minimum. The LED display on the pump provides information about the status of the pump and about any potential faults that may be present. The suction and pressure connections with brass inserts offer quality and durability. The unit is supplied with an adapter with a 1” external thread (33.3 mm) suitable for 1” suction hose connections.

Technical details

Mains supply220-240 V | 50 Hz
Power1100 W
Max. delivery capacity4400 L/h
Max. delivery height / - pressure48 m / 4.8 bar
Max. suction height8 m
Max. water temperature35 °C
Suction connection42mm (R11/4 AG)
Pressure connection33,3mm (R1 IG)
Power cord150 cm | H07RN-F
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