Rotary hammer drill maintenance: Do something good for yourself and your tool!

Why is good maintenance for your rotary hammer drill so important? Quite simply, it is one of the most universal tools for any DIYer and no good tool cabinet should be without one! Rotary hammer drills can drill holes in practically any wall – whether it's made of brick, reinforced concrete, wood or drywall – will maximum power! This is precisely why they used more often than a normal power drill or cordless screwdriver and need to be maintained accordingly.

Your rotary hammer drill should be maintained regularly.

Like any other machine in your workshop or at home, a rotary hammer drill needs regular maintenance. As the devices from Einhell are very stable and robustly constructed, this requires very limited effort on your part. You won't need to consult a specialist and can complete each step yourself. We will now show you exactly what you need to do to give your rotary hammer drill a long service life in just a few simple steps:

Rotary hammer drill maintenance

Step 1: Cleaning

The more often you use your rotary hammer drill for drilling, the more likely it is that it has been exposed to a lot of dirt and construction dust. No matter how thorough you are when drilling a hole, every wall leaves its dusty mark on the device.

It is best to clean your rotary hammer drill after each completed project. Simply take a dry cotton cloth or an old kitchen towel and wipe the coarse dust, dirt and any oil residue from the housing. If deposits have settled in cracks or the air vents from the motor, you can blow hard, use a brush or "shoot" the dirt away with a compressed air gun.

Once the coarse dirt is gone, your rotary hammer drill is clean again – at least clean enough for us DIYers! And then you can move on to the next step: Care

Rotary drill hammers Cleaning of dirt and building dust

Step 2: Care

Once you have removed dust and dirt from your device, you can take care of your rotary hammer drill at regular intervals. Fortunately, there's not much to do because all Einhell devices are optimally adjusted ex works and designed for a particularly long service life. But something you can do to protect the material is to apply a small amount of grease to the drill chuck or the SDS mount of the rotary hammer drill after every few uses. This keeps both the holder and the drills themselves running smoothly. Changing the drill bits is all the easier without any jamming or getting stuck.

Alternatively, after each use you can wipe the drill bit or chisel with a cloth that you have shaken a little grease, Ballistol or WD 40 onto. This not only helps to remove the dirt, but also keeps your machines and drills well-oiled in the long term.

While we are on the subject of "long-term": Time to make sure your rotary hammer drill is stored properly after maintenance.

Safely stowed away – in a sturdy case made of special plastic

Step 3: Storage

All rotary hammer drills from Einhell come in a sturdy case made of special resistant plastic. And this case is the ideal storage place for your rotary hammer drill. Once you have cleaned and lightly oiled your machine, you can simply put it away in the case.

Then keep it in a dry place, for example in your workshop, garage or in a well-ventilated cellar. Even if you don't use the rotary hammer drill for a longer period of time, it is well protected in the case and always ready for use when you need to drill a hole in a wall again.

Cordless rotary hammer drills: Caring for your battery

Rotary hammer drills from Einhell are available with standard cord connection or with a practical battery. The devices from the Power X‐Change system are powerful, flexible and really easy to use.

Basically, the maintenance of your cordless rotary hammer drill is exactly like the maintenance of a corded rotary hammer drill. The only difference is the battery. And we'll show you how to maintain it here:

The lithium-ion batteries and from the Power X-Change family are made up of high-quality cells and smart control electronics. They are durable, robust a particularly long-lasting. To ensure this remains the case, even after being stored for a long period of time, you should store the batteries in as cool and dry an environment as possible. Ideally, before storing it you should charge the battery to around 50 to 80% of its capacity. This protects the cells and prevents possible deep draining of the battery's charge.

You should be sparing when greasing: If you use too much grease it quickly attracts stubborn dirt, which then needs to be removed.

Rotary hammer drills from Einhell: Overview of the best devices

Whether you opt for a cordless rotary hammer drill or an electric rotary hammer drill with a cable connection: With Einhell you can find the best devices at a reasonable price. Take a look at our top rotary hammer drills in the overview and find your favourite with the best price-performance ratio.

Summary: Longer service life for your rotary hammer drill

Clean it with a cloth. Keep it cared for and greased. Store it in the case. These are the three most important steps that will ensure your rotary hammer drill has a long service life. Just take a minute to service your hammer drill after each project – and the two of you will be sticking by each other's sides through thick and thin walls for a long time to come! Become an Enabler!

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Written by Monika Aigner
Published on 15.09.2020

Monika Aigner is a Project Manager for Media & PR at Einhell. Through regular internal product training, she possesses extensive knowledge of the functionality and application of various Einhell tools and garden equipment. Combined with clear instructions, she imparts this knowledge in her blog posts.