The Einhell cordless push sweeper in test conditions: Clean large areas from dirt

Dustpans and brushes are a thing of the past! If you want to free your patio, driveway and pavement from dirt without any effort, reach for the cordless push sweeper! The cordless push sweeper now provides the solution to laborious and strenuous sweeping large areas with a broom. Thanks to two battery-powered brushes, the push sweeper cordlessly sweeps dirt, even from hard-to-reach corners. We have extensively tested the TE-SW 18/610 Li-Solo cordless push sweeper and can't wait to explain to you what this powerful model has to offer!

With the cordless push sweeper from Einhell, you'll no longer need to rely on a broom!

What are the push sweeper's impressive features?

  • Area performance: The cordless push sweeper is a real power house, as it can sweep an area of up to 1,800  m² per hour. Thanks to the large working width, you can also clean large areas easily in no time at all – and without any effort!
  • Battery power: The Einhell cordless push sweeper is part of the Power X-Change family, where all batteries and chargers can be combined with any system device. Depending on which lithium-ion battery you insert in your machine, you can influence the maximum runtime and the area to be cleaned. Whether you only need 21 or a full 83 minutes or have 650 m² or 2550 m² – with the choice of battery you can decide how long you work with the push sweeper for. And if the battery is empty, you can simply insert any other (charged) replacement battery and continue immediately!
  • Precise work in corners: In contrast to manual sweepers, the Einhell cordless push sweeper, with its front and side brushes that rotate even when stationary thanks to the battery, not only pushes the dirt in corners to the edges, but also sweeps it cleanly into the catch box. The machine impresses with particularly precise cleaning performance in edges and corners.
  • Comfort: When you sweep your yard with a broom, you not only strain your arms and shoulders, but also your back. But that's not the case with the push sweeper, which is easy to manoeuvre thanks to the wheels and ergonomic guide bar, and is also very quiet in operation. This way you don't only save your back, but also the ears of your neighbours!

Easy to assemble & get started straight away

The sweeper is assembled in just a few steps so that you can test it yourself straight away.

First, the two brushes on the right and left must be attached to the bottom of the device. Pay attention to the markings that show you which brush should be mounted on the left and which on the right!

In the second step, as explained in the instructions, you should attach the push bar. Once your lithium-ion battery is charged, insert it into the device and you're good to go!

The cordless push sweeper is assembled and ready for use in just a few steps.

The machine works cleanly – even on uneven surfaces

Perfect for cleaning corners and edges

Whether it's small stones, dust, blossoms or dried leaves – all dirt lands cleanly and effortlessly in the large dirt collection container, which can hold up to 20 litres. The sweeping brushes at the front side of the device rotate inwards in opposite directions to sweep the dirt into the collection container.

Thanks to the large brushes, which are mounted so that they protrude beyond the housing of the machine, even corners and edges can be perfectly cleaned. The battery-powered model is also superior to the manual sweeper here, as with these models the brushes only rotate while you move the machine. The brushes of the cordless machine, on the other hand, keep running even when you are standing still, i.e. when you are not pushing the machine, or when you have limited movement, for example in corners and at edges. Without complicated turning manoeuvres, you can simply push your cordless sweeper slowly and steadily across your yard. This is what comfortable sweeping looks like!

The large brushes rotate continuously and sweep up dirt cleanly and reliably even in corners and at edges.

Removable sweeping lip for uneven floors

Do you have a slightly uneven, paved driveway? The cordless push sweeper model can also do this if you remove the sweeping lip, which is located on the underside between the two brushes at the opening of the collection container. This little trick doesn't require much effort, but can be an advantage on bumpy ground!

The sweeping lip (centrally located between the two brushes) can be easily removed for cleaning uneven floors.
Note! The Einhell cordless push sweeper is specially designed for hard, dry surfaces. Damp or wet leaves cannot be swept up as these may get caught up in the brushes.

Comfortably clean large and small surfaces

Whether you're working on large or small surfaces, you can face any challenge thanks to the battery. Unlike manual sweepers, the cordless push sweeper works extremely quiet and is also very light.

The cordless model is very adaptable and easy to manoeuvre thanks to large rear wheels and steerable front castors. The push bar is also height-adjustable, so you can work as ergonomically as possible and avoid back pain.

Whether you're working on large or small surfaces – the cordless push sweeper guarantees to make work easier.

Save space and quickly store large machines away

Although the sweeper is not a small device, it can be stowed away in a space-saving way with just a few adjustments! The foldable guide bar can be easily folded thanks to the quick-release lever. Then, thanks to the integrated stand, the cordless push sweeper can be placed vertically in a niche or leaned against the wall and is quickly ready for the next cleaning.

But there is one thing to look out for: The device should be protected from moisture at all times and should therefore be stored somewhere protected from wind and rain.

The large battery sweeper can also make itself very small: Folded and set up, it takes up hardly any space.

Summary: Brooms are no match for powerful push sweepers

Dustpans and brushes are a thing of the past – now's the time for battery power! Whether you're working with a small or large area, the Einhell cordless push sweeper impresses under testing not only with its impressive cleaning performance, but also with its running time and convenient and simple operation. Need to clean your yard? Then say goodbye to tedious sweeping with a broom and make your life easier with the Power X-Change cordless push sweeper!

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Written by Marina Liefke
Published on 08.09.2021

Marina Liefke is an Online Editor at Einhell, where she deals with virtually all texts related to tools, garden equipment, and accessories. She acquires the necessary know-how through practical product training and close collaboration with the Einhell product managers. Her favorite tool is the PRESSITO cordless compressor because when the air is running out, it pumps it right back in.