Robot Lawn Mower


Item no:3413961EAN: 4006825655018
  • System battery PXC – can also be used with other PXC devices
  • Intuitively operated keypad
  • Working hours programmable in 8 levels
  • Safety sensor with shock, tilt and lift sensors
  • Theft protection thanks to PIN code
  • Rain sensor
  • Cutting height setting (20–60 mm)
  • Suitable for gradients up to 35%
  • Mowing programme for secondary areas
  • Return to charging station and charging process automatically
  • Incl. installation equipment for 300 m² lawn
  • Supplied without a battery or charger (sold separately)
  • Boundary wire 100 m
  • Fastening hooks 140 pcs.
  • Replacement blades 3 pcs.
  • Connecting clamps 4 pcs.
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Article description

The robotic lawn mower FREELEXO 300 Solo cares for and maintains green areas of up to 300 m² almost automatically. The practical and independent tool is part of the powerful Power X-Change family, which offers unlimited flexibility within the system family. Your FREELEXO takes care of your lawn independently and tirelessly and also maintains of your lawn. The working time can be programmed in 8 steps via the intuitively operable keypad, and a separate program for the secondary areas can be started. A pin code protects your robotic lawnmower from theft. Numerous safety sensors such as shock, tilt and lifting sensors ensure safety. When the rain sensor is activated, the FREELEXO automatically returns to the charging station. The return to the charging station and the charging process take place automatically if necessary. The FREELEXO easily masters inclinations of up to 35% and has a cutting height adjustment from 20 mm to 60 mm. An installation equipment for 300 m² of lawn is included, including 100 m of limiting wire, 140 fixing hooks, three replacement blades and four connecting clamps. Battery and charger are not included in delivery, these are sold separately.

Technical details

Charging station power cable length100 cm
Cutting height adjustmenttrue
Cutting height max.60 mm
Cutting height min.20 mm
Cutting width18 cm
IP protection typeIPX4
Length of boundary wire included in delivery100 m
Max. mowing area gradient35 %
Max. recommended lawn area300 m²
Motor typeBrushless motor
Motor voltage18 V
Number of batteries included in delivery0 pcs
Number of connecting clamps included in delivery4 pcs
Number of fastening hooks included in delivery140 pcs
Product weight12.3 Kg
Sound power level (volume)57 dB (A)

This way the Freelexo is ready to go!

An extensive range of accessories for 300 m² gardens

To ensure that the FREELEXO 300 Solo is ready for use quickly, the robotic lawnmower comes with an extensive accessories set. In addition to the charging station and a set of 3 replacement blades, a complete installation set is included. The 10 m boundary wire, the 140 fastening hooks and 4 connecting clamps are recommended for gardens with an area of up to 300 m². The FREELEXO 300 Solo is delivered without a Power X-Change battery. This is available separately.


Second Area Mode for separate areas

Only one charging station, but several separate lawn areas? That's no problem thanks to the Second Area Mode. If the FREELEXO is carried to a separate area, it starts mowing there. When the battery is empty, the robotic lawnmower must be carried back to the charging station.


Safety first! Sensors for mowing safely

In addition to a deep-drawn apron and other structural safety measures, the FREELEXO robot lawn mower has a safety sensor system with impact, tilt and lift sensors, so that it can detect obstacles early and independently and stop the blades if necessary.

Does the device also work in gardens with slopes and inclines?

Yes, the device can also work in gardens with gradients of up to 35%.

What does the rain sensor do?

The Einhell robot lawn mower can also move around in the rain, but this may cause unnecessary damage to grass and soil. The rain sensor is an optional function that prevents this by automatically sending the robot back to the charging station.

Is there anti-theft protection?

Einhell robot lawn mowers are protected from theft with a PIN code. With the Freelexo settings with the app, any thefts can also be reported in the app. This means that the thief will no longer be able to use any Einhell services for the device.

How loud is the robot lawn mower in use?

When being used, the robot lawn mower reaches a volume of 59.4 dB(A). This is about the same volume as a normal conversation.

How does the robot lawn mower find its way around the garden?

Thanks to boundary wires, the robotic lawn mower knows which areas it can move in. It moves in a random way within this invisible boundary. You can easily set the time the robotic lawn mower shall move using the keypad or via the app.

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