Experience the battery revolution: The Einhell Multi-Ah PXC Plus

The Einhell battery - powering an extensive range of cordless tools and garden equipment. Thanks to the Einhell Power X-Change family, a single battery can be used to operate any of these devices. This concept of a versatile system of batteries that can be flexibly interchanged and used in a variety of tools has led to the development of the innovative Multi-Ah battery; a battery that lets you choose between two settings for an extra-long service life or a longer runtime. In this post, you can find out what exactly a Multi-Ah battery is, what advantages it offers and how you can adapt the battery to the required capacity.

Find out here how you can switch your Einhell Multi-Ah battery and the advantages it offers.

What does “Multi-Ah” mean?

We often come across physical units in everyday life without understanding exactly what they mean. The “Ah” stands for “ampere hours”, which is a unit of electrical charge. It indicates the amount of charge a (rechargeable) battery can hold, i.e. its capacity. The number of ampere hours indicates how long a battery can be used before it needs recharging. The higher the capacity, the longer the battery will work. The actual time for which the battery can supply current depends on the user and environmental factors.

At Einhell, we use “multi” to refer to a battery that can operate with more than one capacity. Einhell Multi-Ah batteries can switch between the two available amounts of charge at any time. Our range currently includes batteries that can be switched between 4 and 6 Ah and 5 and 8 Ah, respectively. The voltage remains unchanged at 18 V, no matter which capacity setting you select. In this article, we will explain exactly how this switchover works.

Advantages of the Einhell Multi-Ah battery

You're probably now wondering why you might need such a battery in your workshop. Quite simply, by changing the battery capacity, you can either extend the battery's runtime by 50 to 60%, or increase its service life by 300%.

  • Battery runtime: Our Power X-Change range offers two multi-Ah battery models. As well as a 4 to 6 Ah battery, you can also choose a 5 to 8 Ah version. Switching back and forth between the two capacity settings takes just a simple push of a button. Choosing the higher value will optimise the runtime. More demanding power tools such as drills or saws can then be used for longer periods of time before the battery needs to be recharged. This has absolutely no negative impact on the lifespan of your lithium battery.

  • Service life: A lithium-ion battery feels “most comfortable” when holding a charge between 15 and 85% of its maximum capacity. It is precisely this “feel-good zone” that we use with our patented Multi-Ah technology. Setting the Multi-Ah battery to its lower capacity will protect its cells, as they are charged and used in this optimal range. This increases the battery's lifespan by about 300% compared to an ordinary lithium-ion battery.

No matter which Einhell devices you have at home, if they belong to the Power X-Change family, you can use the Multi-Ah battery.
  • Versatility: Just like any other Power X-Change battery, our Multi-Ah batteries can be used in any tool from across the system, giving you cordless freedom. The option to select a high charging capacity means they can also be used for demanding tasks. They also work just as well in a Twin-Pack configuration for 36 V tools.

  • Safety: The parameters of the Li-ion batteries are continuously monitored by an Active Battery-management System (ABS). This ensures maximum safety and optimum performance. Typical battery issues such as deep discharge, overvoltage and self-discharge are efficiently avoided. If the ABS detects such a detrimental condition, it can combat it and, if necessary, even disconnect the power supply. This intelligent battery-management system is a feature of all our Power X-Change batteries, ensuring you can work safely in the workshop or garden.


Proper storage to extend service life

Power X-Change batteries should be stored in a dry place protected from dust, as humidity can cause shorting between the terminals, which then causes self-discharge. The recommended storage temperature is between 10 and 40 degrees Celsius, with a room temperature of 15-20 °C being optimal.

Higher temperatures accelerate aging, so batteries should be protected from sunlight and direct heat. Temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius should also be avoided. In winter, the batteries should therefore be stored in a frost-free cellar or inside the house. Ideally, the storage period should not exceed six months. If they are to be stored for an extended time, the batteries should be at about 30 to 70% of their maximum charge, and disconnected from the charger during storage to avoid deep discharge. If you are interested in finding out more about this topic, we have put together all the important information in another blog post.

Multifunctional: Changing the battery capacity

Multi-Ah batteries are generally shipped with the lower Ah setting. We also refer to this as transport or storage mode. Our patented technology adjusts the upper and lower voltage limits in such a way that about 70% of the total capacity of the battery is still used. The technology only removes these restrictions when the mode is switched, and 100% of the total battery capacity is used. The voltage remains constant at 18 V.
A rubber band makes a good analogy for this principle: If you repeatedly stretch an elastic band as far as it will go in both directions, it becomes brittle and tears. If you only stretch it up to 70% of the maximum, you won't put so much strain on it, so it will last longer.

The graphic schematically illustrates how the patented technology restricts the voltage limits upwards and downwards.

INSTRUCTIONS: Switching at the push of a button

To help you take advantage of the expanded capacity of your Multi-Ah battery, here we will show you how to remove the voltage restrictions at the touch of a button:

The battery has a button to the left of its display. Depending on how long you press this button for, it performs different functions. If you tap it briefly, the display will first show the charge level in percent and then the currently configured capacity. If you press and hold the button for about 6 seconds, you can start the switching process, and the battery will start counting from 1 to 9 on the display.

Now, if you want to switch from 5 Ah to 8 Ah, for example, you need to press the same button briefly when the number “8” is shown on the display. Don't worry if the display continues counting up to 9 even after you press the button - this is normal. The same process also applies for when you want to switch from 8 Ah back to 5 Ah. In this case, you just give the button a short press when “5” is shown on the display. The 4 to 6 Ah battery is also switched in the same way, but pressing the button when the numbers "4" or "6" appear.

Once you have pressed the button for the number corresponding to the required capacity and the display has finished counting to 9, the new battery capacity will be displayed for about 2 seconds. This allows you to check that the switching process was successful. The Multi-Ah battery has now been adjusted and is ready for action.


If you accidentally press the button when another number is shown, the battery capacity will not be affected. All that will happen is that the changeover process will be cancelled, and you can then start again. This whole process is needed to ensure that the battery capacity is not changed inadvertently. If you charge the battery to 100% at its lower setting and then switch to the higher capacity, it will also have the lower state of charge. Then you just need to put the battery to charge again at the higher setting.

All-in-all, the Einhell Multi-Ah battery is an impressive innovation that offers longer runtimes, enhanced performance and versatility in applications. Its durable technology makes it a worthwhile investment for do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike. Experience the reliable power of this battery for yourself and discover a new level of efficiency in your projects.

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Written by Lisa Hegewald
Published on 28.06.2023

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