Car and bicycle tyres, air mattresses and more, all quickly inflated with the cordless air pump and car air compressor

If your car tyres need topping up, your bicycle has a puncture or you need to pump up your lilo for pool season... All these tasks have one thing in common – you can't do them without air. If you want to use compressed air to inflate tyres, for example, you need a compressor. An air pump will also do for larger items such as lilos or air mattresses, balls or other leisure articles. Two practical, handy devices that help with such applications are the brand-new members of the Power X-Change family. Both the cordless car air compressor and the cordless air pump can fit into any bag or car boot. And a Power X-Change battery can power drive both devices. Introducing you to the two newcomers in our blog!

Whether you need to inflate your bike or car tyres or your air mattress - with the battery-powered tools from Einhell you are perfectly equipped.

New to the Power X-Change family: The cordless car air compressor and air pump

So, you'll really never run out of air! No matter where and when you need air, the mobile cordless car air compressor and the compact cordless air pump are ready to go. While the cordless compressor ensures high air pressure, the air pump delivers a higher volume. Ergonomically and compactly designed, the two cordless devices are a must, especially for excursions or camping trips. While the air pump fully automatically inflates balls and lilos at the beach, you can check your e-bike's tyre pressure with the battery compressor. As always in the Power X-Change system, you can flexibly combine the device, battery and charger. So, the compressor and air pump can complement each other perfectly!

Handy and compact, the cordless car air compressor and the cordless air pump are perfect for mobile use.

The cordless car air compressor

Small but mighty: This is the new Einhell cordless car air compressor CE-CC 18 Li. The handy mini compressor, which is no larger than a conventional cordless drill driver, has plenty of power. Without a battery, the portable compressor weighs only 0.75 kg and is the perfect mobile companion, requiring hardly any space. Here are where the little compressor impresses and where to put it to use.

Areas of application

Whether you're dealing with car, motorcycle, bicycle, road bike or e-bike tyres, the Einhell cordless car air compressor delivers up to 11 bar of pressure, making it suitable for inflation tasks requiring high pressure. Thanks to its high output – namely 12 litres per minute at 0 bar, 10 litres per minute at 4 bar and 8 litres per minute at 7 bar – even large tyres can be inflated in no time. And you can also use this compressor model both in manual mode and with preset pressure. The air compressor is also suitable for simply checking the air pressure, because it also indicates the pressure on the manometer.

The cordless car air compressor can be used to inflate car tyres as well as motorbike and bicycle tyres.

Here's how the handy compressor works

If the battery is plugged in, you can start using the car air compressor directly. If you need a specific valve, you should plug this in first. A ball needle, a bicycle valve and a high-pressure nozzle are included in delivery. The accessories are conveniently stored directly on the cordless compressor, so they are always within easy reach.

If you then connect the air compressor to a car tyre, for example, you can display the actual air pressure in the tyre on the LCD display. Using the push button you can select the units bar, psi or kPa. Then it's up to you: If you know the optimal air pressure of the tyre, you can set it on the LCD display using the preselection. The cordless compressor will then inflate the tyre to exactly the desired value at the touch of a button and will switch off automatically when the value is reached. With bicycles in particular, the optimal air pressure is often unclear. Here you can manually fill in as much air as feels "right" for you at the touch of a button.

Differences from other compressors

The biggest and most obvious difference to conventional compressors is clearly the size of the cordless car air compressor. It is small and compact, making it the ideal mobile companion. The Einhell cordless compressor PRESSITO is similarly compact and flexible, yet slightly larger. In addition, the car air compressor operates without oil, so it is not only suitable for use with mechanical compressed air tools. Like the PRESSITO models, it is intended for mobile use without compressor accessories, which is why the compatible valves are included in delivery and can be stowed directly on the housing.

The cordless air pump

Laboriously inflating balloons, pool accessories or small inflatable boats with a manual air pump is a thing of the past thanks to the Einhell cordless air pump CE-AP 18 Li. Anyone who has ever inflated a lilo for a day by the water will know the feeling of dizziness afterwards. With the cordless air pump, you'll never miss a beat. With the battery plugged in and pump connected to the valve, you're ready to go. This makes the 0.37 kg lightweight air pump model the perfect companion for your leisure time.

Where is the air pump used?

In principle, the cordless air pump works in exactly the opposite way to the cordless compressor: While the compressor operates with less air, but with high pressure, the air pump delivers a very high air volume, but little pressure. The cordless air pump is therefore suitable for inflating larger items that do not require special air pressure, such as air mattresses, inflatable pool accessories, balloons, smaller inflatable boats or the like. At the same time, the air pump can also help let air out again: Where previously the air valve had to be constantly pressed together by hand to release air, you can now simply connect the cordless air pump.

Air mattress, small inflatable boat, balloons and co. - with the cordless air pump, large-volume items can be inflated in no time.

What can the handy device do and how does it work?

Unlike manual air pumps, which are laboriously operated by hand or foot, the cordless air pump operates fully automatically at the push of a button. To use the pump, all you have to do is plug in a Power X-Change battery and choose the right attachment from the two inflating adapters supplied. A central switch is used to select between the locking function and manual inflation. If you need to inflate a larger item, for example, you can use the locking switch, turn off the cordless air pump on the ground and let it continue to pump on its own until you switch it off again at the push of a button.

If you want to use the air pump to let air out of an item again, you simply plug the inflation adapter onto the top of the pump and connect it.

Here's why you need the two Power X-Change newcomers

The advantages of both cordless devices are clear: They are small, very light and handy. They can be used in manual operation as well as with the automatic pressure adjustment or the locking switch, offering maximum flexibility. Both devices are supplied with accessories, such as various valves and adapters and can be used immediately together with a Power X-Change lithium-ion battery.

Both devices are a real help for your leisure activities. Whether a camping trip, bike tour, fun at the pool or simply for regularly monitoring the tyre pressure on your vehicle – with the cordless car air compressor and the cordless air pump you are always ready.

The cordless air pump is also a real help in the workshop, serving as a small workshop blower.

Summary: Cordless air pump and compressor – the perfect companion when on the go

Have your bike tyres deflated while out and about? Or always having to fight over who have to blow up the lilo on your next trip to the lake? Those days are over thanks to the Einhell cordless car air compressor and the cordless air pump. With a weight of 750 and 370 g, respectively, the two compact devices fit into any beach bag or car boot. Simply pack a fully charged PXC battery and head out on your next excursion!