The sound of the earth

an expedition to the deepest point of the lake Traunsee

The project "Tiefenrausch" makes possible what no one has managed so far: The Kurier media house, in cooperation with other media partners, is going on "the unique search for the sound of the earth" to understand how our planet is changing. In what is probably the most elaborate Austrian LIVE TV production of the year, Lake Traunsee, the deepest lake in Austria, will be the setting for this unique project. 

To make this mission possible, Einhell supports as Official Equipment & Project Partner with special tools to be able to record sounds from inside the earth for the first time. 

You can find more information about this special project on the German-language page.

Save the date

You can follow the event LIVE on TV on 24th of September from 16h25 on ORF, or online at and