The electric hedge trimmer as a status symbol

Listen out in the neighbourhood on a Saturday morning: The mowers hum, the leaf blowers are going and hedge trimmers are rattling away. 

But wait, why a rattling, hand-operated hedge trimmer, if there is a wonderful humming, electric version here, which has a clear advantage: It shows no signs of fatigue, but just keeps going and going. With electric hedge trimmers you can choose between a battery-operated or cabled version. It doesn't matter whether you have a large garden or small hedges. In any case, there is the technical advantage under the hood: concentrated power with a huge operating range. Even if your neighbours lend a hand - retro is trendy, but notwhen trimming hedges.

Cable or not?

Great advantages of cabled hedge trimmers: Thanks to the cable, you can even work through the night! What always happens with a battery or even petrol-operated model - an empty battery or tank - is completely alien to fans of cabled electric hedge trimmers. And that's not all:

- Duration of use: practically unlimited. The socket makes it possible.

- Power: Unparalleled compared to other trimmers. Socket = endless resources. However: Only motor trimmers can handle the thickest branches. Maximum power is released with the petrol mix (petrol motor). It needs no household electricity.

- Weight: low. In contrast to petrol trimmers, the cabled version is missing the extra motor with tank. The extra baggage of a battery is also eliminated. Disadvantages: Confusion of tangled cables and risk of accident.

Beware of every hedge!

With all the advantages of the cabled hedge trimmer, care is also needed or switching to a rechargeable battery is advisable. Although each cable can easily extend, in the heat of the moment it can be overlooked. Beware of tangling. If this occurs in the blade area, damage can be caused despite of insulation. So be on the safe side and pay attention to the following points when choosing your dream model:

- Do not purchase an electric hedge trimmer without a safety switch and stop function.

- The length of the trimmer should ideally correspond to the hedge to be trimmed.

- Each model has a maximum permissible cutting thickness - be sure to observe this!

Sharpness: Without knife care, the trimmer will be blunt

Electric through and through: Even with the electric version, the condition of the blade determines decent results. After cutting, plant juices are left on the trimmer. In the long run, this creates an adhesive-like layer - unpleasant and work-inhibiting. To care for the blade, a special care spray can be used. Storage directly in oil is also recommended. If a closed quiver is included, simply fill it with oil, fix it vertically to the wall and insert the hedge trimmer after each use.

The weight

On average, electric hedge trimmers weigh about three kilograms - a perfect lightweight. If you go for it now, a certain training factor will be added over time. Do not forget trainers for extensive green areas and transform hedge trimming into your own personal trimming programme.

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photo of Monika Aigner
Written by Monika Aigner
Published on 19.02.2019

Monika Aigner is a Project Manager for Media & PR at Einhell. Through regular internal product training, she possesses extensive knowledge of the functionality and application of various Einhell tools and garden equipment. Combined with clear instructions, she imparts this knowledge in her blog posts.