Anna Kraft and André Schubert prove for Einhell what the Power X-Change system can do.
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Discover Power X-Change

With The Enablers from Einhell

Cordless freedom in the workshop and garden instead of unreachable corners or extension cords. One universal battery for all devices within a series instead of a variety of batteries and chargers. This is Power X-Change – multifunctional, combinable and gentle on both the environment and your wallet.

That is exactly why our experts Anna Kraft and André Schubert have only one mission: they demonstrate with charm, wit and lots of action what Power X-Change can enable you to do. Many already know them from our Enabler Show, now they are not just accompanying us online anymore but in a 360° campaign. Take a look and be amazed at the versatility of Power X-Change!

1 Battery. 1000 Possibilities

The creative lawn cutting

Whether mowing, cutting, trimming, pruning or cropping - we can finally get back out in the garden! Practical support is available from the Power X-Change cordless tools. André immediately recognized the advantage: "You can get anywhere - thanks to PXC!" Additional benefit: with just one click, the battery is switched to another device and it can go on immediately. For more information on the battery platform just read on!

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One system for workshop and garden


Large variety - wide range of applications

From lawn mowers to drill hammers to mitre saws: Power X-Change is the first battery system that offers a wide range of equipment for hobby gardeners and DIY enthusiasts alike. Over 65 devices are already part of the PXC family and many more to come


Innovative technology - assured quality

The Power X-Change batteries are heart of the platform. That is why we only use the best components in our batteries such as high performance Li-Ion cells and our innovative BMS battery technology (Battery Management System). This makes our PXC battery one of the safest in the industry and ensures efficiency, reliability and durability.


Real platform – powerful tools

Having a platform means full compatibility of the battery with the tools. Therefore, every tool of the Power X-Change family can be operated with the same type of battery. Instead of switching to 36-volt batteries for more power-hungry devices, PXC simply combines the power of two or even four batteries. This frees up space in your workshop cabinet, avoids cable clutter at the workplace and, above all, the 18-volt batteries can then be used individually.


Easy to get started - economical concept

To enter the world of Power X-Change system we offer attractive starter kits with tool, battery and charger. You can buy more tools later as Solo-version, i.e. without having to buy more batteries and chargers. Thereby you are not only saving money, it is also environmentally friendly!

Battery powered freedom for you too! Convinced? The Enablers, Anna and André are impressed with Power X-Change's power and flexibility. Now it’s your turn!

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