Anna Kraft and André Schubert prove for Einhell what the Power X-Change system can do.
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Discover Power X-Change

With the new Enablers of Einhell

May we present: Anna Kraft and André Schubert – our two experts who together have only one mission: In six entertaining episodes, broadcast with a gap of around two weeks between each episode, they show us with charm, humour and a lot of action all that Power X-Change can do.

Discover new product features, marvel at its versatility and follow their eternal battle: Anna vs. André, battery expert vs. DIY expert.

Spoiler alert! Power X-Change benefits:

  • Flexible battery packs that can be implemented
  • Power always there- where you need it
  • No cables, no stumbling
  • Sustainable technology, decent design

The Enablers

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The Enabler show

Episode 1 / Competition day
Episode 2 / Lawn mower
Episode 3 / And cut...
Epsisode 4 / Natural talent
Episode 5 / The insect hotel
Episode 6 / Not only hot air

One system - for garden and tools!

An overview of Power X-Change equipment features


One system - many applications!

From the simplest to the most power intensive application: The range of applications possible with Power X-Change is as extensive as the range of devices Einhell has to offer. This multifunctional scope of applications is what makes the battery system so special. This also allows you  work spontaneously whenever you want. And with absolute freedom of movement, without cumbersome cords and cables.

Power X-Change has a modular design and can be used in a variety of ways in the home, workshop and garden.

The power, you need always with you!

With Einhell's Twin Pack technology you can operate 18 V and 36 V tools. We can supply power to our 36 V lawnmower with two 18 V batteries. Two batteries can be used to operate the device. These batteries can of course be used individually in all other 18 V Power X- Change tools. In this way we save otherwise necessary and expensive 36 V batteries. According to the runtime needed, we have in our Power X-Change system 1.5 Ah, 3.0 Ah and for maximum durability even 5.2 Ah batteries. In combination with the variable 18 V and 36 V system, Einhell's Power X-Change programme ensures maximum flexibility for all requirements.

Two Power X-Change batteries can be combined to form a powerful 36V twin pack.

Easy on your purse and the environment!

With Power X-Change you save on buying additional batteries for subsequent devices. This not only presents financial benefits but also saves significant environmental resources. It also obivates the need for owning too many chargers, which - apart from the environmental aspect - saves the additional space required to store them all. The only thing that has not been spared in Power X-Change is - modern and advanced technology.

Thanks to the clever sets and expansion possibilities, the piggy bank is happy about Power X-Change.

Use of sustainable resources!

Einhell wants to use knowledge and technology in a sustainable manner. ECO-Power stands for use of efficient technology. We use all available options to ensure that our devices significantly improve the relationship between energy consumption and performance output.

Einhell's ECO-Power technology is the mainstay of many of our tools and garden equipment. It reduces energy consumption and product emissions up to 25%. Technical know-how and a conscious commitment to our environment are the essence for environment friendly and sustainable products. 

Power X-Change batteries protect the environment and are particularly durable and reliable.

Battery powered freedom for you too!

Convinced? The Enablers, Anna and André is impressed with Power X-Change's power and flexibility. It is now your turn!

Power X-Change benefits

Anna Kraft and André Schubert test Einhell Power X-Change hedge trimmers.

One battery for all

Power X-Change system for DIY enthusiasts

One battery for all devices? Impossible? Of course it is possible! May we present: The ultraflexible Power X-Change System – with the super easy one-battery for-all feature. Does not matter which Power X-Change tool you wish to use, our battery pack always fits. Angle Grinder: In with the battery and out straight to work You now need a hole in the wall. Click-click and the drill hammer is ready to use. Do you see a cable lying around here? No? Neither can we. Literally: click, marvel and continue!

Anna Kraft plugs a Power X-Change battery into a Einhell lawnmower.

From the experienced - an experience to be experienced

Power X Change System in garden

Well maintained gardens - which leave nothing to desire A tool or a machine can never do this. Lawn, hedge and in the driveway the chestnuts are lying hidden under their yellow leaves. You can either fuel up your lawnmower, get the cable out for the hedge trimmer and let the cable run through the entire house till the driveway. Or you can simply grab your Power X-Change battery, put it in the lawnmower and start mowing. And once you are done with the lawn, you pull the battery out and put it in the hedge trimmer. Two clicks and it is done. No petrol, no cable, no waste of time. It is as simple as that. With Power X-Change!

Anna Kraft poses in protective equipment with a Einhell Power X-Change chainsaw.

Your saw - well prepared for every situation

Power X-Change system when working with wood

Touch wood! Power X-Change seems to only get better for  DIY enthusiasts! It is no surprise that our Power X-Change system is perfectly suitable for woodwork. Whether in the workshop or out in the forest: our tools will win you over with their precision, power and easy-to-use handling. Saw the wood, sand the wood and drill the wood: For all this you will need only one battery to power your Power X-Change tool efficiently. And to replenish the wood, you simply put the battery into your chainsaw and start sawing. Outside please!