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Discover the Einhell robot lawn mower

Turn mowing time into leisure time

You want a beautifully maintained green lawn without having to mow it yourself? Simply leave it all to the different devices in our new range of robot lawn mowers. Whether small gardens or large lawns: with various models, accessory kits and adjustment options, there is the right robot for every garden. The highlight for all members of the Power X-Change battery family: the robot lawn mowers are part of the battery system! Simply use the same batteries as in cordless screwdrivers, lawn trimmers etc. The robot lawn mower will already be making its rounds in the garden on its own and can also be controlled very conveniently via app.

A new age of mowing has dawned! Are you still mowing, or already relaxing?

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Overview of the Einhell robot lawn mower



The top performer. Thanks to the LCD display, the Freelexo + in combination with the app is particularly easy and convenient to use. The range can be individually adjusted to the lawn with the battery and installation kits.

  • 500 - 1200 m²
  • Part of the Power X- Change battery system
  • • Multi-Area function for twisty lawns
  • • App control via Bluetooth for individual settings optionsn
  • Working time can be programmed in personalised time slots via the App + keypad
  • Up to 35% gradient
  • Cutting height setting (20 - 60 mm)
  • Theft protection thanks to PIN use
  • • LCD-Display
Robot lawn mower Freelexo+ from Einhell


The Allrounder. With Power X-Change operation, the Freelexo range can be customised to the specific lawn using the battery and installation accessories

  • • 500 - 1200 m²
  • Part of the Power X- Change battery system
  • • Multi-Area function for twisty lawns
  • • App control via Bluetooth for individual settings options
  • Working time can be programmed in personalised time slots via the App + keypad
  • Up to 35% gradient
  • Cutting height setting (20 - 60 mm)
  • Theft protection thanks to PIN use
Robot lawn mower Freelexo from Einhell
GC-RM 500

GC-RM 500

The Classic. With the integrated rechargeable battery, the GC-RM 500 is designed for lawns of up to 500 m² and easily handles a maximum gradient of up to 35%.

  • Up to 500 m² lawn area
  • Up to 35% gradient
  • Cutting height setting (20 - 60 mm)
  • Theft protection thanks to PIN use
  • Programmable operation time
  • Safety sensor with shock, tilt and lift sensors
  • Rain sensor
The Einhell robot lawn mower GC-RM 500
Installation accessories

Installation accessories

If you already have a Freelexo series robot lawn mower, but do not yet have a battery or boundary wire, we can provide you with the following accessories:

Your options: Depending on the size of your garden, you can simply choose an installation kit with a corresponding battery and boundary wire to go with your Freelexo and Freelexo +. This means that you can easily adapt your Einhell robot lawn mower to your lawn. 500 m², 800 m² and 1200 m² kits are available.

If you already have a Power X-Change battery, you can just choose a kit with a boundary wire and mounting hooks. The following sizes are available: 500 m², 700 m², 900 m² and 1100 m².

An extensive range of accessories for your robot lawn mower
Kit version

Kit version

If you want to buy a robot lawn mower with a battery, boundary wire and mounting hooks, we also offer our kit version in participating markets. We have combined a pack for this purpose.

Freelexo Kit 600: 140 m boundary wire, 200 hooks, 3 blades, 4 connectors and 1 x 2.5 Ah battery

Discover our robot lawn mower kit versions
Always keep your robot lawn mower up to date Here you will find the appropriate firmware update for your robot lawn mower

Services for your robot lawn mower

Garden Check

You would like to buy a mowing robot, but don't know yet which one fits best to your garden? With the help of our garden check you will find the right mower model!
If you have already purchased a mowing robot, we will be happy to advise you on how to optimize your garden to achieve the best possible efficiency when using your mowing robot.

Installation Service

Already purchased a robot lawn mower, but need help installing it in your garden? No problem – take advantage of our installation service and reap the benefits! Make an appointment and within 14 days a technician will visit you to professionally carry out the installation of the boundary wire. If desired, the wire can be laid underground with a professional laying machine.

Winter Service

Not sure how to store your robot lawn mower over winter, or don't have space to keep it during the cold winter months? With our Winter Service you can have your mowing robot taken care of during the cold months. Simply send us your robot lawn mower via our service, free of charge, and have it cleaned inside and out. You can select between different Winter Service options.

3-year Einhell product warranty

Our free additional service especially for you - register your new Einhell product within the first 30 days of purchase and benefit from the extended warranty. After registration, the robot lawn mower's warranty is extended by an additional year, to a total of 3 years. 3-2-1 and get going - pick up the serial number on your Einhell product and go to the registration form!

Sparepart Service

Longterm, reliable, perfect fit: Our subsidiary iSC GmbH supplies you and your Einhell products with all possible spare parts. Even after the expiry of the statutory guarantee period, you can maintain your Einhell products in the event of damages or wear and tear, professionally and with original components.

Repair Service

As a 100% Einhell subsidiary iSC GmbH stands not just for high-quality original spare parts but also, as Einhell's representative for the exceptional Einhell service. In our in-house workshop, specialized repairers take care of every single repair case and ensure that your mowing robot is quickly ready for full operation again.

Do you have questions about the installation of the robot lawn mower or the services?

We answer the most common questions

#Installation - Where can I find further help on installing and commissioning the robotic lawnmower?

Information and help including video instructions can be found in section DIY installation videos.

#Installation - What do I need to do before installation?

• First make a sketch. Draw in all obstacles and make a plan for how you want to protect them.
• Cut your lawn to a maximum length of 60 mm.
• Remove any loose objects from the lawn that could damage the mower or be damaged by the mower.
• Foliage and leaves do not need to be removed, as they will be shredded by the mower.

#Installation - Where should the charging station be placed?

• An external power outlet that provides a permanent power supply is required. The power cable on the charging station is 10 m long. Make sure not to place the cable on the surface to be mown.
• The charging station must be placed on a flat surface.
• It must be possible to place the boundary wire at least 1 m straight in front of the charging station.
• Place the charging station in a shaded area.

#Installation - How can the boundary wire be laid?

The wire can either be laid on or up to 5 cm deep in the ground. So that you can make corrections to the wire in the first few days, it is recommended to place it on the ground. After a few weeks, the wire will be overgrown and barely visible. When laying the wire above the ground, make sure that it lies flat on the ground, even in uneven sections. In these cases, use more mounting pegs to prevent the wire from being damaged by the robot lawn mower.

#Installation - What should I look out for when laying the boundary wire?

Minimum distance:
Keep at least 30 cm distance from obstacles, walls, raised paths, gravel, bark, mulch, low beds and similar.

Do not lay the wire in 90° corners. Divide the corners into 2x 45° angles.

Permissible gradient on the upper part of a slope: 35% with a minimum distance of 30 cm. Permissible gradient on the lower part of a slope: 17% with a minimum distance of 40cm. WARNING: Danger of slipping when lawn is wet.

Ground level edges:
On paths or patios where the transition to lawn is not raised, the boundary wire can be laid directly on this edge. 

#Installation - How should the boundary wire be connected the charging station?

• The end of the wire at the back of the charging station (the side with the contacts) must be connected to the "S1" terminal.
• The end of the wire at the front of the charging station (flat side of the charging station) must pass under the centre of the charging station. Use the guide provided and then connect the end of the wire to the "+" terminal.
• Once you have finished and checked the installation, the ends of the wires must be cut so that there is a maximum of 10 cm protruding length.
WARNING: The wires must not cross each other.

#Installation - Can the lawn be scarified after the boundary wire has been laid?

Scarifying is possible if you have laid the boundary wire underground. A scarifier usually only cuts up to 5 mm into the turf, whereas the boundary wire is laid up to 5 cm below the surface. If the boundary wire has been laid above the ground, the wire may be cut by scarifying.

#Installation - What is the maximum length of the boundary wire?

With all models, the maximum wire length is 250 metres. If the total length of the boundary wire exceeds the permitted total length, proper operation cannot be guaranteed.

#Installation - What is the minimum width for narrow points?

Passages or corridors must have a minimum width of 140 cm (or 80 cm between the boundary wires) and a maximum length of 8 m. If these requirements are not met, it cannot be guaranteed that this area will be mowed reliably.

#Service - How long is the robot lawn mower's warranty?

The standard warranty period is two years. By registering your mower, you can extend the warranty by one year.

#Service - How can I get help with servicing and repairs?

The robot can be repaired by Einhell Service. You can find information about the service partner under the following link:

#Service - Is there a professional set-up service for the robot?

Our service partner will be able to set up the robot lawn mower for you. Einhell can also provide winter servicing and storage. This service will incur a cost. You can find more information at:

#Service - Can the manufacturer provide winter servicing and storage for the mower in the winter?

Our service partner will be able to set up the robot lawn mower for you. Einhell can also provide winter servicing and storage. This service will incur a cost. You can find more information at:

#Service - Where can I find spare parts for the mower?

All spare parts and accessories are available in our "Einhell Service" online shop. You will need the item number and ID number for your device to be able to find the right spare part.
You can find more information at:

#Service - My lawn is mowed improperly, the blades of grass tear off and the lawn changes color. What can that be?

Check the knives. If these are very dull, the lawn can no longer be mowed properly. This leads to a whitish discoloration of the lawn because the blades of grass are torn off and frayed.

#Service - Why does the robot lawn mower start to move in the wrong direction when returning to the charging station after it has come into contact with the boundary wire?

When the robot lawn mower returns to the charging station it searches for the boundary wire. To ensure that the robot lawn mower enters the charging station at the right angle, it first travels a short distance in a clockwise direction along the wire. The mower then turns in the right direction and follows the boundary wire. This ensures that the robot lawn mower always enters the charging station centrally and straight.

#Service - Does the mower have theft protection?

The robot lawn mower is protected by a PIN code, which prevents unauthorised use. A warning alarm also sounds if the mower is lifted up.

#Service - I have forgotten my PIN. What should I do?

You can request a new PIN if you have lost yours. Simply follow these steps. Have the receipt and serial number for your robot lawn mower ready. You will need these to get your PIN. You will also need a USB stick that does not have any data on it.
1. Connect the USB stick to the USB port as shown.
2. Switch the main switch to the ON position.
3. Press the POWER button and the OK button at the same time and hold them down briefly. The robot lawn mower will now start up in boot mode.
4. Press the button 1 (or "Set Work Time") on the keypad.
5. Remove the USB stick. Read the data from the USB stick on a computer. The robot lawn mower will have generated a text file (*.txt). This file contains a PUK, a personal unlocking code. Contact customer services to get your PIN.