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Einhell. Cordless excellence.

One battery for more than 200 tools for workshop and garden.

Goodbye cable tangle! Using the latest technology and ambitious visions, we have succeeded in developing a battery system that allows enjoying cordless freedom in all situations. Whether it is tools, garden tools or an e-kick scooter: By flexibly changing the battery pack and devices, it is possible to supply all members of the Power X-Change family cordlessly with just one type of battery.

The battery innovation from Einhell

  • Intelligent batteries, that work in every tool
  • No damages because of fake batteries
  • Two 18V batteries can be combined to 36V power 
  • Individual and extensible
  • Environment friendly and sustainable technology
More than 200 tools in one system, more getting added: Our Power X-Change family is growing continuously. You will find here the latest devices for workshop and garden.

See for yourself the latest on Power X-Change battery system and get convinced of our cordless tools.

The Einhell battery can be used flexibly, something in the garden and in the workshop.


Large variety - wide range of applications

From lawn mowers to drill hammers: Power X-Change is the first battery system, that is suitable for both hobby gardeners and DIY enthusiasts.

Graphic representation of a modern brushless motor in Power X-Change devices.


Modern technology - assured quality

Best components such as modern brushless motors, high performance Li-Ion cells and our innovative BMS battery technology provide efficiency, safety and reliability.

The battery system for house and garden, from lawnmowers to cordless screwdrivers.


Real platform - easy to handle

Every tool of the Power X-Change family can be operated with the same type of battery. Frees up space in your workshop cabinet and helps you get rid of the clutter of cables.

One battery for home and garden - with the Power X-Change System from Einhell.


Easy to get started - satisfying flexibility

To enter the world of Power X-Change system we offer attractive starter kits with tool, battery and charger. You can buy more tools later without having to buy more batteries and chargers - money saved!

The Einhell Power X-Change system with up to 36V power for highest demands.


Rechargeable battery - excellent tools

Our batteries provide power, our tools deploy power: High quality devices from the Power X-Change family make demanding DIY projects possible! Optional real 36V power from a combination of two 18V Power X-Change battery packs.