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No "not working": Power X-Change is the new battery system from Einhell. It is multifunctional, combinable - and saves money. Sounds good? It is also good! Power X-Change offers the unique possibility to supply power to all Einhell tools and garden equipment from the Power X-Change System, with just one battery.

Whether it is in the garden, workshop or home: your performance is assured with our efficient tools. And thanks to the Power X-Change system you need not worry about cables or weak batteries. Grab the powerful Power X-Change battery and get power- where and how your project needs it.

Convincing reasons for Power X-Change

  • Multifunctional
  • Combinable
  • Economical
  • Sustainable
Music to the ears? Too beautiful to be true? Watch the Making Of now and discover how simple Power X-Change really is. In the workshop or the recording studio.

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Making Of / Episode 02
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Sounds good: Four reasons for Power X-Change


One system for many applications!

From the simplest application to intense use: The range of applications possible with Power X-Change is as extensive as the range of devices Einhell has to offer.

This multifunctional scope of application is what makes the battery system so special and makes it possible at all times to work spontaneously and with absolute freedom of movement, without cumbersome cords and cables.

Power X-Change has a modular design and can be used in a variety of ways in the home, workshop and garden.

The 2in1 solution!

The combination possibilities within the Power X-Change series are almost without limit. With a simple "click", the battery can be shifted from one device to another This system, that is as simple as it is effective, works also for powerful devices such as lawmowers, the power from two batteries can be combined and put in one device.

The advantage: instead of one 36 Volt battery, two 18 Volt batteries can be put to other uses after the lawn is mowed. Also a single 18 Volt battery is sufficient for most tasks around the home and garden and also significantly lighter. That makes for more balanced devices and makes work more pleasant and less tiring. The "One for All" system brings order to the battery chaos and saves money and environment.

Two Power X-Change batteries can be combined to form a powerful 36V twin pack.

Price conscious concept!

Buy once - use a thousand times! Thanks to our multifunctional concept you need not spend on new batteries and chargers each time you buy a new device. You can simply use the Power X-Change batteries you already have and save money!

New to our Battery System? We offer you every device as a complete set with powerful battery and mains adapter. You already have the basic Power X-Change ? You can also buy our tools and garden equipment separately - with an extra atrractive value for money advantage.

Thanks to the clever sets and expansion possibilities, the piggy bank is happy about Power X-Change.

Sustainable resources use!

Einhell wants to use knowledge and technology in a sustainable manner. ECO-Power stands for use of efficient technology. We use all available options to ensure that our devices significantly improve the relationship between energy consumption and performance output.

Einhell's ECO-Power technology is a signficant mainstay of many of our tools and garden equipment. It reduces energy consumption and product emissions up to 25%. Technical Know how and a consicous commitment for our environment are the essence of enivornment friendly and sustainable products.

Power X-Change batteries protect the environment and are particularly durable and reliable.

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One battery for garden and workshop

This is where the action is - our special offers!

Cordless Lawn Mower + Cordless Grass- & Bush Shear

GE-CM 36 Li Kit & GE-CG 18 Li Solo

299,95 €
409,90 €
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Cordless Lawn Trimmer

GE-CT 18 Li Kit

89,95 €
114,95 €
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Cordless Impact Drill

TE-CD 18/2 Li

99,95 €
159,95 €
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Bundle: Cordless Impact Drill & Cordless Angle Grinder

TE-CD 18 Li & TE-AG 18 Li

134,95 €
269,95 €
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Cordless Chain Saw & Starter-Kit

GE-LC 18 Li Solo & FREE 3,0 Ah Battery + Charger

99,00 €
179,00 €
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