A gardener wearing protective goggles cuts a large hedge with Einhell hedge trimmer.
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Garden equipment and machines for hobby gardeners

From lawn mowers to water pumps

Your green fingers and Einhell's bright red garden tools! Our wide range of high-quality lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, chain saws and water pumps are not just to dazzle the eyes of hobby gardeners but also to keep your lawns and grass healthy and well maintained.  Whether it is the golf course or orchard : you will find the right tool for your garden projects at Einhell.

Einhell advantage for the hobby gardener

  • Value for money
  • Up to 24-month guarantee and call centre support
  • Efficient and enivornment conscious engines
  • Premium quality and safety standards
  • Tools and devices developed in-house

Experience and passion

Gardening is a passion! That is why we ensure that all our garden equipment and machines are easy to use and are of reliable quality. For long lasting happiness when working!

All Power X-Change devices rotate around the battery in a circular overview graphic.

The Power X-Change battery system

Full power for cordless garden tools!

One battery, thousand opportunities! Free yourself from the tangle of cords and cables and enter into a carefree future with our Power X-Change A brilliant concept from Einhell: Our batteries are multifunctional and fit in all our Power X-Change tools. You can operate all your garden equipment from lawnmowers to chainsaws with just one battery type. Long lasting, powerful and flexible! Discover the wide world of Power X-Change.  For more possibilities, more freedom and more comfort during gardening.

A gold plaque with a printed guarantee and money-back promise.

The Einhell service promise

Einhell. The service company!

Service you can rely upon! Because we develop our garden tools and machines with utmost care and under strict quality standards, we can assure you a 24 month manufacturer guarantee. In case of an emergency, we shall be able to take care of the shipment or pick-up of your device. You can also contact our call centre directly - simple, quick and uncomplicated. That is Einhell's Service Promise!