A man shows the accessories for a silver Einhell wet-dry vacuum cleaner.
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Accessories for cleaning tools and car maintenance

The ideal accessory for the car

From jumper cables to portable power banks to reliable jacks, our car accessories come in handy in many different driving situations. High quality and reliability serve well in challenging circumstances and provide great functionality and utmost safety. Our car accessory will be the perfect addition to the collection of all car lovers and DIY enthusiasts, and is a Must Have in every good workshop.

Recommended accessories for cleaning devices

  • Dirt bags for vacuum cleaners
  • Folded filters for vacuum cleaners
  • Foam filters for vacuum cleaners
  • Extension tubes for vacuum cleaners
  • Brush sets for high pressure cleaners

Practical for the garage

Everyone will need it: Jump leads can help you when you are stuck in an emergency and you can get back on the road quickly.

More from Einhell

Well maintained is well cleaned!

You have just washed your car - but the paint is still dull? Take a look at our wide range of car accessories. You will find here not just high quality polishing machines that will make your car radiate brilliantly, but also a number of other aids for regular car care.