A DIY enthusiast presents electrical appliances that can be operated with the Power X-Change battery.
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Power X-Change accessories

Batteries and chargers for our multi-purpose battery system

One battery - thousand opportunities. Power X-Change is a true battery family,  it accepts any tool with the same battery type into its fold. Our Power X-Change accessories make you even more flexible - with new batteries, separate charger and beneficial starter sets.

Individuality, the way you want!

Versatile battery power: For special applications you will find at Power X-Change, extra powerful or durable batteries.

The high performance battery from Einhell with 5.2 Ah and full 18V power.

Batteries and chargers

Flexible performance, versatile application

To adapt the performance and durability of your devices to individual tasks, we offer you batteries with different voltages and capacities. You can thus use the battery that best suits your devices and projects.

For extra power - our new Power X-Change Plus batteries. Equipped with new features and powerful Li-Ion cells, Power X-Change Plus offers a fantastic performance curve and long run times. You can use Power X-Change Plus in each of your Power X-Change devices.

The starter set consisting of the Power X-Change battery pack and charger for the entry into the battery system.

Power X-Change starter sets

An affordable entry into the battery family

Getting started with the Power X-Change range is child's play. There are starter sets for nearly all Power X-Change devices. These contain the device, the appropriate Power X-Change battery and the multi-purpose charger.

If you have bought a Power X-Change device without battery and charger, or want additional charging options, we offer special battery starter sets. You thus get continuous power that is sustainable and affordable - for a Power X-Change life time!